Force or Harmonization? Εκτύπωση
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Freedom is being measured by the degree of convenience in establishing reasonable and harmonious relations combined with the degree of convenience in expressing inner creative individuality.

Force is apt only for the management of deterministic entities.

Harmonization is suitable only for reinstating freedom within dynamic entities.

Static way of thinking is compatible with exercising of force. For this way of thinking, harmonization has no meaning.

People with dynamic way of thinking cannot comprehend the exercising of force because for them violence has no meaning. For these people, harmonizaton by legitimate means is identified by common sense.

People with static way of thinking, believe that the boundaries between own and environment coincides with the quasi organic boundaries between and friendly and hostile. For this reason, they transport actual or quasi wastes from own area out to the the environment instead of actually or quasi recycle them.

People with dynamic way of thinking, believe that the boundaries between own and environment are functional and not quasi organic. For this reason, they transport actual or quasi wastes, from the environment into the own for recycling and purification.

Let us examine the above mentioned personal opinions against history, from 1945 until 1970.

- During that period, Europe made some decisions about nuclear wastes disposal. Today, who is collecting the consequences of that decisions?

- During that period, each and every country has developed and used their own quasi vocabulary of measures and tactics for defending their geostrategic interest. Today, who is collecting the consequences of using those measures and tactics?

Some times, mutual respect and service are the choice made by high variety's people, in order for establishing reasonable and harmonious interaction between them. And by this way they secure for themselves, their families and their nations, peace, friendship and prosperity.



Letter from Einstein to Carathéodory dated September 6, 1916.



Berlin, Sunday

Dear colleague!

I find your derivation wonderful, now I understand everything. At first, the small writing mistakes on the second page had caused me some difficulties. Now, however, I understand everything. You should publish the theory in this new form in the Annals of Physics since the physicists do not normally know anything about this subject as was also the case with me. With my letter I must have come across to you like a Berliner who had just discovered Grunewald and wondered whether people were already living there.

If you wouldn't mind also making the effort to present to me the canonical transformations, you'll find in me a grateful and attentive audience. If you, however, answer the question about the closed time trajectories, I will appear before you with my hands folded. The underlying truth, though, is well worth some perspiration.

Best regards, your Albert Einstein.



Letter from Carathéodory to Einstein dated December 16, 1916.






Method 1: Violence. Less humane, less effective.


Lafayette Escadrille-WW1 Aircraft Battle

Method 2: Respect and Service. More humane, more effective.


Real Life Heroes - Tribute to Heroes

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