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Once upon a time, two inseparable Bedouin friends, Nabek and Dagar, were living in the desert.

Nabek's horse was more beautiful than anyone else. Initially Dagar was just admiring his friend's horse, but day after day, his admiration has turned to an obsession so that he was even seeing this horse, in his dreams.

So, he offered to his friend, to pay him for having the horse, a lot of money. But Nabek had turned down the offer because his was not intending to sell his beloved horse even if he had been offered all the gold of the world. While not being able to take the horse out of his mind, Dagar decided to get it by using dishonest means.

One day he dressed his self as a beggar and went to a certain place of the route which, his friend, was passing every day while ridding on the back of his famous horse.

Indeed, when Nabek was approaching, Dagar, in altered and weak voice, asked for his help pretending that he was a thirsty and hungry weak poor man. Nabek, having not recognized his friend and wishing to help, this suffering man, had him ride with him on the horse's saddle in order for getting him to his tent and taking care of him. But Dagar, as soon as he ride on the horse he harshly thrown his friend down to the ground and while started galloping, he shouted to him: “I am not a beggar! I am Dagar! And you are not going to ever get, your horse back!”.

Nabek stood motionless and asked his friend to wait for a minute and hear what he had to say to him. Dagar having for certain that it was impossible for Nabek to reach him by foot, he stopped and listened to him.

Congratulations!” said Nabek to the thief. “By God's will, from now on, you are the owner of this horse. But I pray for one thing: please, do not every say to anyone how you have gotten this horse!”.

“And why you ask for this?” asked, Dagar.

Because if others find out how you have deceived me, they are never going to stop and help anyone who, in the middle of the dessert, asks desperately for food and water. They will be afraid to get near to him and they shall let him suffer. If this story spreads then the result is going to be that, from now on, many people shall suffer allover the world...” .

While hearing these words, for a awhile Dagar remained skeptical. Finally, he got off the horse and returned it to Nabek. Then, they went back to their tents, they reconciled and swore eternal friendship and love
(Unknown writer)

Trusting each other is a prerequisite for human civilization.

Outside the boundaries of civilization, every material benefit and every material wealth, is loosing its meaning, as benefit and wealth, respectively.


By using dishonest means for having some material benefits or some material wealth, eventually we loose both, all benefits and all material wealth. And most of all, we are wrecking civilization, even for a thousand years.

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri Lyrics


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