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Rudyard Kipling

The Fairies' Siege

I have been given my charge to keep -- 
Well have I kept the same! 
Playing with strife for the most of my life, 
But this is a different game. 
I'll not fight against swords unseen, 
Or spears that I cannot view -- 
Hand him the keys of the place on your knees -- 
'Tis the Dreamer whose dreams come true!   

Ask him his terms and accept them at once. 
Quick, ere we anger him; go! 
Never before have I flinched from the guns, 
But this is a different show. 
I'll not fight with the Herald of God 
(I know what his Master can do!) 
Open the gate, he must enter in state, 
'Tis the Dreamer whose dreams come true!   

I'd not give way for an Emperor, 
I'd hold my road for a King -- 
To the Triple Crown I would not bow down -- 
But this is a different thing. 
I'll not fight with the Powers of Air, 
Sentry, pass him through! 
Drawbridge let fall, it's the Lord of us all, 
The Dreamer whose dreams come true!

Aung San Suu Kyi - BBC Reith Lecture 1.1

Aung San Suu Kyi-BBC Reith Lecture 1.2

Prosperity cannot ever be achieved by:

Tortures. Because subjecting other human beings to tortures presupposes crippling the sense of unity within torturer's sense of reality. And prosperity without the sense of unity is unthinkable.

Lies. Because, till they become uncovered, lies deprive other human beings' freedom. And prosperity, without respecting others freedom, is unthinkable.

Abuse of power. Because, by abuse of power, trust and honesty are being vanishing. And prosperity, without trust and honesty, is unthinkable.

Oppression. Because, by oppression, human being's creativity is being withering and natural environment is being degraded by pollution and neglect. And prosperity, within apathetic societies and degraded natural environment, is unthinkable.

Disrespecting time. Time is our life. Disrespecting other human beings' time is a quasi crime against human life. And prosperity, without respecting human life, is unthinkable.


For all these,

Trying to achieve prosperity by using violence is just a, Mission Impossible.    


Mission Impossible - Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys


Prosperity can be achieved by honesty, justice and truth.


Υ.Γ. 1: η φωτό από εδώ και το ποίημα από εδώ.

Υ.Γ. 2: Lindsey Stirling, website, facebook, youtube, twitter. 
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