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If the truth is, indeed, the raw material by which, man is fundamentally made, then, every governance practice that is twisting the true nature of things, is lying within boundaries of maltreatment.

By nature, untruth has a short endurance. For this reason, cementing untruth means retarding the sense of time while eliminating the sense of compassion.

Good governance that spreads compassionless is nonsensical.

History suffers from two weaknesses. She doesn't know the true motives of people and for this reason is always partial. And she is always being filtered by the instrumental rationality of both, the one who wrote history and the one who is studying history.

Millions of people are currently suffering from the European economic crisis. At the same time economists are trying to find the root causes of this crisis among competitiveness, deflation and other economic parameters. But will they ever seek for those reasons also among Danube's riverbed, the Africa's plains and the abuses of sciences?

Human life is sacred. Disrespecting human life always causes degradation of variety. Always!

For this reason, leaders everywhere should remember that honesty should always be the founding principle of good governance.

Transcendence Music Video - Lindsey Stirling

Υ.Γ. 1: η φωτό από εδώ.

Υ.Γ. 2: Και όμως, υπάρχουν ακόμη άνθρωποι που δεν θεωρούν ότι η βία αποτελεί τη “λύση” για τις καμουφλαρισμένες, σε μορφή “προβλημάτων”, αξιώσεις ισχύος τους. Στους Ανθρώπους με ανθρωπιά αφιερώνω, όλα τα Αληθινά Χρώματα.

Υ.Γ. 3: Lindsey Stirling, website, facebook, youtube, twitter.

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