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Δευτέρα, 21 Νοέμβριος 2016 01:18
The reasons for my untidy appearance?
Normally, I consider an article with the following content as being improper. However, as there are some indications that the untidyness of my appearance may has become abused, by unknown to me third parties, in order for my being slandered as a "mental case", I prefer to, promptly, inform about the true reasons of my untidy appearance.
Currently I am unemployed. My only monetary income that I have to live by is a monthly cash aid that my family is kindly offering to me.
Each month I pay, 268,99€ for real estate tax, and save 15€ for car insurance and 22€ for car tax. The summary of my regular montly expences are 305,99€.
In my pocket, each month, remain a total amount of 394,01€ for my nutrition, for car fuel, for my mobile internet subscription, for my skype telephony subscription and for any car consumables replacement that I may need.
As, since May 1st, 2014, most of the time I am travelling, due to Greece's political crisis, with my car at northern europe, the monthly cost of fuel consumption is not negligible.
Usually, I do not stay at one geographical place for a long time, for security reasons.
Those security reasons, they have to do, with the fact that whoever sleeps at night in his car he is expossed to the common risk of any existing local criminality and they have to do with the uncertain possibility that each foreign country that I am visiting may be, more, or, less, influenced by one (or more) of the U2RIT member states, which I have, publicly, criticized. Namely, the Russian Federation, for their colonial influence upon the Thrace region, at northern Greece and the U.K. and U.S.A. for their causing severe Human Rights violations, in Greece, during the past sixty years.
For obvious reasons, I refrain from revealing anything else but generalities, about U2RIT's colonial activity in Greece, though, I neither aknowledge, nor deny, my probable having detailed information about their related activities.
For, also, obvious reasons, I neither aknowledge, nor deny, whether, U2RIT states services' employes have, or haven't been involved in creating, within third countries borders, situations which may have threatened my personal safety.
By living in my car and having such small financial resources, my personal appearance, inevitably and unintentionally, has to become untidy.
Christos Boumpoulis

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