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Παρασκευή, 24 Ιούνιος 2016 11:39
1. Yesterday, on June 23d, 2016, I visited a super market at Etoile sur Rhone, France. While I was preparing to leave from the super market I realized that the, secured with a lock, zipper of my back-bag was forcibly opened, without having notice it. Probably, this was due either, when I risen the bag the zipper was streshed and derailed without noticing it, or, it was an intervention of a talented pick-pocket. However, there wasn't anything missing from the contents of my bag.

2. I would like, for those who might find difficult to comprehend, I am devoted, exclusively, to legitimacy, civilization, non-violence and peace, from my childhood and continiue, indefinitely. The only activities and discussions which I am willing and able to participate are, exclusively, those which are legitimate, civilized and non-violent and have to do with peace, freedom, creative cooperation and collective prosperity. For anything else please do not bother me.
Christos Boumpoulis

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