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Κυριακή, 05 Ιούνιος 2016 06:58
During the first half of the year 2011, I was living in a rented apartment at Bruchstrasse 64, Düsseldorf, Germany. At around 22:00 one night, while I was at my apartment, I heard the noices of something being burned and I saw through my window the indirect illuminations of an open fire, somewhere in the nearby road. I restrained my natural curiosity and didn't gone out, at that time, to see what was happening. The next morning I found out that, approximately five meters away from the front gate of the building within which was my apartment,  a brand new and very expensive sports car (Audi tt) had been burned completely. By avoiding to approximate myself to this incident while was taking  place, I avoided to, probably, becoming arbitrarily and faultily associated with this incident.
After few days, I realized that a severe leakage of hydraulic fluid was manifested at the hydraulic clutch of my car along with the streering wheel hydraulic pump's belt having become, unexpectedly, too loose.
Some none European countries have declared publicly that, during periods of crisis, they treat suspects of terrorism the same way they treat terrorists.
Yesterday, on 4/6/2016, I was at a commercial center at Stuttgart for shopping at the included super market. I was walking on the ground floor when, from the first floor, a childish screemening was heard. After few seconds, an worried woman rushed from the ground floor towards the first floor, passing beside me. After one minute, that woman, carrying now a crying little child, passes beside me again, though from the opposite direction, and they are being followed by an european looking, tall and thin man who keeps his one hand extended to the front direction and holds with his hand something which looked like a small kandy. The whole incident seemed to me, probably, rather unnatural and reminded me characters from the television series "Mr. Bean", with the talented British comedian Mr. Rowan Atkinson.
Christos Boumpoulis

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