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Συνεννόηση για Δράση - Απόψεις

Today, as an ordinary Greek citizen, I would like to address to the Europeans, in order to express my personal opinion, which, of course, could be quite wrong.

It has occurred to me that you are expressing grievances. And also, that you are, probably, frightened. For me, both of them are understandable.

  • The level of global violence, in our days, seems to be unprecedented; although, this violence is being manifested with forms which aren't always obvious.

  • Dispute, disappointingly, remains the choice of preference for the resolution of, almost, each and every instance of discrete and/or collective, national and/or international discomfort.

  • Some abstract notions, like, economy, money, etc., carelessly, irrationally, insensitively, and faultily, they are considered as being more important than our discrete and collective, freedom of self-expressions, and than freedom of making friends.

  • Our formal and informal education hasn't let us become acquainted with the enormous benefits of frugality.

I would like to assure you that, most probably, this severely stressful situation can, peacefully, become normalized.

And this normalization can start becoming manifested, as soon as, we all do one simple things. We manage to understand the practical consequences of the, the so called, “anthropic principle”, which dictates that: the spontaneous and natural forces of our universe are causing evolution towards a state of harmony and self-knowledge.

Practically, this means that, all material (people, things, etc.) and abstract (ideas, feelings, etc.) forms within our world, tend, by themselves, towards a unique, “just” sequence in order for harmony to become fully restored.

In other words, there is nothing, for us, to do in order for causing, all this international mess to become normalized. Nothing. The only thing which we should do, is, to remove each and every obstacle which obstructs the spontaneous evolution of all stakeholders and their relationships toward normalization.

  • we work spiritually for restoring our own clear thinking.

  • we stop disputing.

  • we stop exercising violence of any kind.

  • we stop every harmful talking.

  • we recognize which is the “just” sequence of the material and abstract forms, around us.

  • we identify which is the current “unjust” sequence of the forms, around us.

  • we exercise positive, harmless and peaceful influence around us (by legitimately supporting, etc.) in order for altering the reasons which keep obstructing the “just” sequence to become manifested.

According to my experience, manifestations of undetected undecidabilities are the most frequent reasons for the troubles in our international relationships; in our Nations; and in our lives.

  • For resolving those undecidabilities, we, previously, need to think “out of the box”.

  • For achieving, thinking “out of the box”, we, previously, need to establish personal relationships between each other.

  • And, for establishing personal relationships between each other, we, previously, need to come closer to each other and hold with him or her, hand by hand.

Concluding, I wish to urge each and every one of you, to dare to move close to each other and hold with him or her, hand by hand. Because, then, all the blessings of our world may enrich our lives.

I believe there are important reasons for, keeping your even strength; and, for remain courageous. We are all going to succeed.