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Which might be the root causes of the current international affairs' mess?

According to my opinion, they are the followings:

  1. Middle East problem.

  2. Inappropriate mixing “hierarchical” and “market” organizational forms.

  3. Oppression of the Nomads' Nation.

  4. The current structure and dynamics of commerce.

  5. The telecommunications.

The related stakeholders have not succeeded in resolving those issues, by themselves, for a long time. The same applies also to the related mediators.

Furthermore, the problem n. 1, probably, has been defined by an ineffective root-definition, while, the rest of the problems, probably, haven't been root-defined yet.

For the peaceful resolution of all this international mess, definitely, some more advanced problem-solvers should become enlisted, after have been offered complete information.

And afterwords:

  1. All stakeholders should put down their weapons of all kinds.

  2. And move back to establish an appropriate safety gap.

  3. Deploy advanced mediators.

  4. Allow 4 months for mediation.

  5. Establish agreements.

  6. Apply effective, ceteris paribus, solutions.

  7. Offer partial amnesty (e.g. 90%) for (hybrid, cold and conventional) war crimes.

  8. Retracting of all influence forces.

  9. Reveal complete information.

  10. Peace restoration.

  11. Rebuild, from scratch, the international foundations for serving effectively a bipolar world.

  12. Rolling back of any anthropological shifts.

  13. Gradually perform global disarmament.

Probably, the most important parameters with regard to deciding to follow, or not, the above road-map are:

  1. The preciousness of human life.

  2. The extent and the severity of the global, covert violence.

  3. The relative sizes of populations.

  4. 2nd law of thermodynamics.

  5. The time.

May wisdom prevail within stakeholders judgment.