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Συνεννόηση για Δράση - Απόψεις

The content of this article is based on the presumptions that: “human life is invaluable” and “no one has the right to waste or harm, even one human life, as, each and every human life is sacred”.

Say's law

James Mill and David Ricardo restated and developed Say's law. Mil wrote, “The production of commodities creates, a market for the commodities produced”. Ricardo wrote, “Demand depends only on supply”.



The European Union is a multi-state organization. Normally, the service of E.U.'s military protection (which constitutes and important part of system's homeostasis) should be perform by an E.U. internal subsystem. Instead, this service is being offered by an external organization, the NATO. Furthermore, NATO controls partially (?) many “islandic” subsystems within E.U.'s member states (member states' armed forces and secret services, communications, national economies, social structures and social dynamics, special purpose trained teams, etc).

According to both, the organizational theory, as well as, the common sense which lays behind the Say's law, the above military security arrangement is outrageous and a quasi threat, for innumerable human lives (both within and without E.U.), for the human rights, for the democracy and for the sovereignty of the E.U.'s member states.

According to my knowledge and also according to public admitting, there have been innumerable innocent and defenseless civilians who have been lost or tortured in the past, and/or, which are being tortured presently, by NATO in special NATO's prisons and elsewhere. There are currently illegitimate NATO databases which slander and/or threaten the lives and/or the freedom of innocent, peaceful and legitimate civilians. In general, the relationship between NATO and E.U. is highly abnormal.

I wish that within the next 6 months, all E.U.'s member states together, will have terminated, completely and permanently, the E.U.'s relationship with the NATO.

A new E.U.'s, military security internal organization should be generated, while, E.U.'s defense industry should exclusively produce all the necessary defense hardware and software. Separate and exclusively bilateral, defense agreements should be formed between the E.U. as a whole and other non-E.U. states.

Innumerable Europeans and non-Europeans have been unjustly lost, and/or have been suffered and/or are being suffering, by the activities of this derailed organization. But, enough is enough.

In case of disagreement, between the E.U.'s member states, about terminating the relationship with NATO, the degree of compatibility between member states' cultures should be re-evaluated and corresponding important decisions should be taken.

United Kingdom

The extent and the degree of surveillance, by the secret services of U.S.A. and U.K., indirectly specify the kind of usage of the corresponding information obtained. I can't find any compatibility, of this kind of usage, with, the human rights, the democracy, the moral principles, the human property of humanity and the principles of the free economy.

The choice of undertaking that activities indicate a corresponding culture which, I believe, it is absolutely incompatible with, my own culture, with the culture of my motherland, Greece and with the culture of the European Union, as a whole.

Those activities are being continuing and no sigh of regret has been displayed, nor any undertaking responsibility for vindicating and reinstating the victims of those activities, on behalf of the perpetrators.

For the above reasons and just as a simple Greek and European citizen, I ask kindly: “United Kingdom, please leave the European Union, now”.

E.U. leadership

The situation for innumerable European citizens and European families is critical.

The more, E.U.'s leadership neglects resolving the problems of the European citizens, the more probable becomes the disintegration of E.U.

The E.U. is not anymore just an economic union. The lives and the fates of more than 400 million wonderful people are on stakes.

Among other existing issues, the E.U.'s internal security system, more or less, it doesn't exist!

The time to speak up and to act creatively is, now.

E.U. citizens

The leaders of E.U. are single human beings which struggle for promoting the common good, within an historical occasion within which even the most basic principles of civilization are being challenged by the E.U.'s “environment”. The personal risks, which they undertake, are immense.

For having E.U. become a fortress of freedom, peace, friendship and frugal prosperity, I believe, that E.U.'s citizens should necessarily concentrate - now - more on helping E.U.'s leadership in fulfilling its difficult duties.