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In mathematics, a saddle point is a point in the range of a function that is a stationary point but not a local extremum. The name derives from the fact that the prototypical example in two dimensions is a surface that curves up in one direction, and curves down in a different direction, resembling a saddle or a mountain pass. In terms of contour lines, a saddle point in two dimensions gives rise to a contour that appears to intersect itself”. [wiki]

If we, the Europeans, agree that our common wish is, having E.U. become a quasi fortress of Peace, Freedom, Friendship and frugal Prosperity, then, we can't disagree that E.U.'s “governing system” should be both, compatible, as well as, effective, with regard to our common goals.

The previous years, achieving “Good Governance”, within European Union, was extremely difficult due to two reasons:

  • Strong external political influences were systematically posing obstacles towards establishing E.U.'s Good Governance, while, those influences weren't being recognized as such.

  • E.U.'s societies didn't possessed the minimum necessary linguistic means in order for both, to recognize “quality”, as well as, to be able to resolve, at least, elementary manifestations of undecidabilities.

At this particular historical point, we are finding ourselves at a quasi saddle-point:

  • The external influences have been recognized and identified as such, while, their intensity has degraded, as much as possibly.

  • New linguistic “tools” have been propagated within E.U. societies while, social properties of non-violence and endurance, which have been systematically manifested by the E.U.'s societies, are sufficient indications that those linguistic “tools” are being systematically “used” effectively.

This quasi saddle-point offers to the Europeans one, probably rare (if not unique) opportunity for them to achieve collectively, “Good Governance”.

E.U.'s “Good Governance”, according to my opinion, cannot be achieved by, alone, the heroic discrete efforts of few persons, at Brussels, and/or at Strasbourg and/or at Berlin. The total of European Union social space must be mobilized in order for, E.U. “Good Governance” to become materialized. And, this conjuncture is as favorable as possible.

“Good Governance”, peace, freedom, friendship and prosperity, they all demand that what is qualitatively “the” best in E.U.'s societies, must now “emerge” towards the positions of higher social authority and towards the positions of higher social influence.

This “emerging” can be accomplished, collectively, by the societies themselves and only.

Our human history teach us which is the common fate, of the moral and cultivated elites, whenever they were left – by the rest of their societies - exposed over the domineering instincts of other societies, which were characterized by low variety cultures.

Today, the current conjuncture is, probably, as good as possible, for the Europeans to become, actively, creatively, peacefully and wisely mobilized towards achieving our common and noble causes.

The detailed steps of this collective mobilization, initially, should be correctly decided by the societies themselves, as any other option might proved as being rather “unhealthy”.

May our E.U.'s societies, collectively realize that the optimum time to WAKE UP, is NOW.

Good Luck!


People Help The People - Leroy Sanchez


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