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Συνεννόηση για Δράση - Απόψεις


economies constitute consequences of the nations' (families', personal) previous (minus Δt) quality of everyday life,

and if,

the quality of the nations' (families', personal) everyday life constitute consequences of the (minus Δt), nations' previous quality of their political systems,


for the normalization of European Union's economy, unavoidably, we need to normalize the political systems, within E.U.

The amount and the quality of the accumulated creativity of the civil society, within E.U., according to my opinion, is so enormous that lays beyond the boundaries of (my) imagination.

Human beings and human communities are excellent and kind. Their nature give them the ability and the urge, to solve practical problems; to excel; to establish rational and harmonious relationships, etc.

It is preferable to let people and societies to resolve, by their own creativity, whatever they decide that it should become resolved. By this way, instead of enforcing a quasi debilitation upon creative human beings and upon creative societies (by “externally” applying static solutions), we should just pave the way – by removing existing obstacles – in order for both, people as well as societies, to collectively “invent” their own solutions and by this way, to live their lives responsibly, creatively and freely.

The political systems of European Union member states should become reformed in such way so that E.U. societies would become absolutely ineligible for:

  • violations of human rights

  • violations of civil rights

  • organized crime (mafia, etc)

  • illegitimate external influence (zersetzen programs, surveillance, paramilitaries, etc)

  • colonial domination.

There is no material substitute for freedom.

Freedom, the first priority above all, is the dynamic consequence of the combination between: culture and political systems, within time.

Autonomous drones can fly in formation like birds

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