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What follows, are my personal opinions, which embed the “dynamic” worldview (there is time; human life is invaluable; we “are” our personal relationships; joy, kindness and excellence are points of human equilibrium; etc.).

Childhood is the age span ranging from birth to adolescence.

Adulthood, the period in the human lifespan in which full physical and intellectual maturity have been attained. Adulthood is commonly thought of as beginning at age 20 or 21 years.

The discriminating difference between childhood and adulthood is that, adults are able to voluntarily choose one, among many other mutually exclusive options, and leave the rest; while children, just can't.

For this reason, children frequently resolve their differences by fighting with each other:

Two Little Boys Fighting Forreal

while, adults, choose to think rationally; they analyze their available information; then, they make use of their knowledge; finally, they make peaceful and creative choices; and afterward, they feel good about their choices:

Labs & Workshops in Mechanical Engineering

It might be useful if it could be comprehended that, “you” can't get something that you want, from someone who doesn't have it.

For (a trivial) example, if “you” want from a violinist (who knows to play only the violin) to play the guitar, then, your wish is not going to become fulfilled (no matter (exaggerating): if you fight with him; if you declare war against him; if you imprison him in Stasi v.(logGn); if you nuc him; if you wack him out; if you homo him; if you alz him; if you luna him; etc). And furthermore, you can't even hold responsible someone for not giving you something that he doesn't possess (and probably “you” should had given to him – P.No.T.D.).

We “see” “reality” through our chosen worldview. And, if and when the “view” of our world is not satisfactory according to our norms, then, instead of declaring the WW(fkmod12) (against those who we imagine that are responsible for our own simultaneous and mutually exclusive choices), it is preferable to trace which might be the areas of undecidabilities, within others' worldviews, and then, make those peaceful, creative, effective and legitimate choices, which in fact, they are going to trade, by leaving some of what might be less important for us (BUT NEVER QUITING FROM OUR MORAL PRINCIPLES, OUR FREEDOM AND OUR HUMANITY), for having some of what we value as more important, within our worldview.

We may live our precious (and beautiful) lives, happily, peacefully and creatively, provided that we have chosen to confront the adversities of life, not like the children do, but rather, by the way of the adults.

Bring Them Home - Make Love Not War.

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