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Gangstalking is exactly as in this video (Part 1of 3)


Azk IV - "Mind Control" - Dr Rauni Kilde


NATOic Black-Ops in Europe (corrected)


Disclaimer: I keep reservations about the claims made at the first, above video.

In this article I shall describe how, the NATOIic non-uniformed army, namely “Stay-Behind”, perpetrates Black-Ops, in Europe in order to institutionalise innocent and sane, victims of British, involuntary human experimentation, like me.

The, operating with microwaves, directed-energy weapons, besides causing pain, they also, gradually, destroy the brain of the victim against whom it was, criminally, used.

This destruction is constituted, by creating multiple spots of ischemia; by killing brain cells and by causing damage to brain cell.

The destruction of the human brain caused by microwave, directed-energy weapons may be temporary or permanent and its severity depend upon, the intensity of the weapon’s energy, upon the linear distance between the weapon and the victim and upon the number of assaults.

The Stay-Behind murderers, initially, develope, wihin victim’s behaviour through “conditioning”, a reflex reaction towards certain objects, characteristics and symbols, as follows.

The victim is being systematically tortured by directed-energy weapons enclosed in hand-bags or back-pags which are being curried by individuals who they are either, currying also, specific symbols (e.g. black painted nails, North Face clothes, tatoos, etc.), or, they embody certain characteristics (e.g. drugged, dissassociated with reality, “lost” glance, etc.).

After many repetititions of the torturing, the victim develops a practical knowledge about the probability that, an unknown individual who approaches him or her and either curries the above symbols or embodies the above characteristics, might lead to a painful and catastrophic attack.

This probability is purposefully made to become near 100%.

This practical knowledge combined with the knowledge that, the human brain is precious and if become physically damaged, it may be impossible to repair, quite normally, shall lead, on behalf of the victim, to the, rational, systematic and preventive decision to, instantly, move away from any unknown individual who might approach the victim while currying, the above bags and wareing the above symbols and embodying the above characteristics.

Here is how, the framing and the institutionalisation, are being, criminally, commited.

Initially, a combination of, a forget testimony and an adulterated (by video-editing software), forged video recording are being abused in order for an investigation to become initiated.

Then, covert medical observers are approaching the individual and, a long sequence of individuals that, all, ware the symbols, embody the characteristics but do not curry directed-energy weapons, approach, one at a time, the victim and trigger its reflex reaction of, preventively, moving away.

The medical observers ignore, or pretend that they ignore, everything about the “conditioning” (and the gang-stalking) of the victim, they issue a forged mental mis-“diagnosis” and consequently, the victim becomes, unjustly and illegitimately, institutionalised.

In my case, several times the above method has been, unsuccefully until now, been attempted.

Until recently, I thought that, at least few, of the E.U. member-States, that were ineligible for this method to ever succeed, upon their soil, to victimize innocent civilians existed; though today, I fear that, sadly, not even one, member-State, able and willing to defend the people’s human rights, may has actually, left.


Christos Boumpoulis






The main goal of gang stalking is to influence the life of the victim and to condition it, in order to destroy it. The primary important factor for the trauma-based mind-control is the ability to disassociate, and to create chaos and trauma-base in the brain functions. Trauma-Based Mind Control means to Fracture the Mind.

If trauma-based mind-control is also being heavily used to create alternate personalities, then depending on how prevalent this is, we might be dealing with a large number of people who are multiples and unknowingly involved in this sinister web of control. A whole underground society might exist that’s filled with such people without them even being aware of their involvement. The fact that the induced trauma that creates an alternate personality is never remembered by the original personality makes it impossible for a mind-controlled multiple to know that they went through a procedure to split their mind, and that they are being controlled. A person only needs to be alone with the mind manipulators long enough for them to establish an alternate personality and program it with basic control mechanisms, and this might only take a few hours with advanced equipment and techniques.

Triggering Learned helplessness and creating an enviroment of ongoing psychological torture to enforce feeling of helplessness and powerlessness and constan triggering and provoking feelings of; Victimizing, demonization, dehumanization, demoralization and feelings of insanity and provoke to aggression and sensitizing and triggering negativity, and targetting self-image, self-confident, willpower and spreading rumors, slandering, gossip.