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This is my singing and electric guitar playing gear



Singing and Electric Guitar Playing
Singing and electric guitar playing are my hobbies.
During 2001 at the city of Xanthi’s (at Thrace region, northern Greece) cultrural centre I had participated in singing lessons, though for electric guitar playing I try to become self-taught.
I do not possess any significant talent to any of them, but, still, I enjoy singing and electric guitar playing so much that, not being talented in music, does not matter me at all.
Luckily, the persistent practicing of singing and guitar playing, allways, improves, even just a little, even the most not talented musician.
Since few weeks ago, I started again practicing singing and this is, for me, a source of great joy.
Currently, I wish to learn singing, songs like, the best is yet to come, Scorpions, love of a lifetime, Firehouse, amanda, Boston, and others and also to make one or two songs of my own.
If my voice regains a respectable tone accuracy soon, I am even going to make some amateur recordings and publicized them in my website.
Concluding, I would be happy to recommend music playing as an excellent means of enjoying life and simultaneously, practicing mental concentration.
Christos Boumpoulis