Open Letter to the E.U. member-States Leaders - 22/11/2018 Εκτύπωση
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Message to the E.U. Leaders 22/11/2018


Open Letter to the E.U. member-States Leaders

Your Excellencies, Ladies/Gentlemen,

My name is Christos Boumpoulis and I am an ordinary Greek, and quasi German citizen.
In Greece we suffer, since approximately sixty years ago, from the outbrake of an intense form of settler-colonialism instigators of which, are, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, the Israel and the Turkey.
Exhibits about this claim are the followings:

1. According to the prominent constitutional law professor George Kasimatis, the Greek Constitution is being, systematically, violated; a dictatorship has been established and our country has fallen under the state of occupation.

2. The Greek citizens are forbidden, by law, to inspect the content of the official, judicial files and criminal records, which correspond to each one of them.

3. Since many decades ago, the results of the Greek political elections, unconstitutionally, are being calculated and then validated, by a specific one, Greek private company.

4. During June 2010, the members of the Greek Parliament together with the, then, President of the Greek Democracy committed an overt treason by not setting the enormous Greece’s mineral wealth eligible for economic exploitation through the unilateral termination of the “Huge Cooper & Co” treaty.

5. Innocent and healthy Greek citizens and Greek children are being, involuntarily, subjected to inhumane human experimentation.

6. Innocent and healthy Greek civilians are being, involuntarily, brain implanted with electronic devices.

7. Legitimate Greek political dissidents are being politically persecuted by the State Services and some of them have fled from Greece. The most part of them has died by ways which conform to the definion of the “plausibly deniable assassination”. The colonizing Nations perpetrate a modern version of the operation “Condor” against the remaining Greek dissidents anywhere they may resort.

8. Greek civilians who are crucial witnesses to important judicial cases are being, tortured, deprived of their freedom, or assassinated.

9. More than ten thousand (10,000) innocent Greek civilians have already died from economic desparation due to Greece’s instrumental, economic crisis.

10. At the Evros prefecture, at the northern Greece, Russia, systematically, installs various symbols of foreign State authority and seemingly, is being preparing the local circumstances for a, direct or indirect, annexation of this part of Greece’s National Territory.

11. Almost the entire set of the individuals who occupy the, supposedly, “elected” positions within Greece’s political system behave like being non-uniformed soldiers, meaning that, they completely ignore and they remain totally unaffected, by the just, though sporadic, opposing, on behalf of the Greek citizens’ majority, complains against these “elected” politicians’; overt lies, violations of their political promises and political decisions which violate the Greek Nation’s most fundamental interests, to a degree that makes those violations mere treason.

12. Eleven million legitimate Greek citizens, seemingly, violate the paragraph four of the article one hundred twenty of the Greek Constitution which obliges them to protect their Constitution whenever it is being violated, including the outbreak of the settler-colonialism. The Greek population did not turned to criminals. Instead, their unexplained and massive idleness, while our country is being destroyed and our fellow citizens die, can only be explained by the perpetration against them of an alleged Genocide.

The existing political situation within Greece has been already revealed to the international community, through the Internet and through specific messages who have been sent directly to some of you. It is certain that, all of you, do know about our sufferings.
Though, you know about our sufferings you do nothing to help us recover our freedom and our National sovereignty.


Are you going to keep staring us, becoming enslaved?
Are you going to keep staring us, becoming unjustly imprisoned?
Are you going to keep staring, our biological health becoming, criminally, degraded?
Are you going to keep staring, the members of our natural leadership becoming assassinating, one by one?
Are you going to keep staring, our Nation to suffer, a Genocide, Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes?

The colonising Nations, historically, wherever they have passed through, they left behind them, exclusively, animals and “Bolsheviks”. And there hasn’t been, as far as I know, not even one exception to this rule.
By deserting us to the inexistent mercy of the colonizers’ settler-armies:

- you convince the colonizers that you do not “keep your ground” (meaning the European Continent).

- you make shoure that the members of your corresponding Nation, by following your example, shall not “keep their ground” too, in each and every form of “keeping their ground”.

- you contribute in convincing the members of the entire international community that, the current state of the human civilization promotes, “dog eats dog”, as the dominating form of, distinct and collective, behavior.

- you designate, irrepearably, the negative evolution of the European Union’s evolution.

- you define the way that History shall describe your contribution to the human civilization.

The algebra; the geometry; the logic; the philosophy, and so many other valuable Greek contributions to the human civilisation they do support, your people’s and your own, though processes and way of living.
“Getting and forgetting”, is, actually, one of the easiest things, for anyone to do in his life. However, does anyone exists, upon the face of our planet Earth, who might respect those who are “getting and forgetting”?
Is there anything else, able to stop the colonisers from destroying innocent Nations, than, the self-respect?
I remain, humbly, at your service,

Christos Boumpoulis
Greek and quasi German citizen