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I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
Nelson Mandela

N.Y. Times 10/12/24 - The Senate Report on the C.I.A.’s Torture and Lies

“The world has long known that the United States government illegally detained and tortured prisoners after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and lied about it to Congress and the world. But the summary of a report released Tuesday of the Senate investigation of these operations, even after being sanitized by the Central Intelligence Agency itself, is a portrait of depravity that is hard to comprehend and even harder to stomach”. [source]

Reacting the wrong way, with regard to the recent release of information about C.I.A.'s torturing could lead, unintentionally towards a true catastrophe.

Some times it's better to keep silent.

According to my opinion, there are some related principles and some related priorities.


  • The notions of “person” and “behavior” are entirely discrete. It is quite possible for a person to manifest a specific behavior while being under the, even, 100% influence of its environment. Before we hold him responsible for a specific behavior, we must definitely know, what was, at the time which that behavior was manifested, the degree of the environment's influence upon that person. And until we find out, it is unjust to declare guilt against that person.

  • When one, who is in a difficult position, does the right thing, then, all the rest should support him.


  • To immediately stop all the tortures which continue to be manifested all over the world.

  • To protect equally, the lives of both victims and perpetrators. The human lives of both, victims and perpetrators, are sacred. Being a perpetrator does not necessarily means being also guilty. Our civilizations is going to survive only if we manage to rescue both, the victims, as well as, the perpetrators.

  • To provide all the support they need and ask for, to the victims of present and past torture. And to vindicate and restore their honor.

  • To have information about torturing completely reveled.

  • To understand which were the non-decidability within the structures and dynamics of our cultures which allowed torturing to become manifested; instead of seeking for beastly revenge.

  • To evolve both our cultures and our societies in order for torturing never to happen again.

To those who rushed to criticize the U.S.A. administration and to those who rushed to express their astonishment, I wish to address some questions:

  • Have you considered the possibility for what was already revealed might be only a small portion (e.g. 1/7000) of the complete issue?

  • What is going to be the fate of all those victims and equally, the fate of all those perpetrators related with the rest of 6999/7000 in case that your early and unwise reaction discourage those who are in a position to speak out the truth and stop them?

  • What is going to be the fate of all those (victims and perpetrators) related with torturing, in some other countries (e.g. 4 other countries) if the administrations of those other countries see that the international community is not able to resolve rationally, creatively, peacefully and justly, the issue of torturing?

I kindly ask everyone to exercise circumspection, with regard to the torture's revelations. And if they find difficult to do show, then, it might be helpful for them to try to put themselves in the position of those who have been tortured in the past, and/or in the position of those who are presently being tortured: How much might they needed this revelation process to become completed if themselves have been tortured for e.g. 35 years; how much, if they had survived from, even e.g. 39 assassinations attempts against them?

The rescuing of human lives and the restoration of the freedom of people which are being oppressed, are more important than abusing this opportunity, just for consuming emotions of hatred. There are a lot of things, still, waiting to be done.

Therefore, for the time being, we better keep completely silent about this issue, and also, let us give “space”, time and good faith, in order for the U.S.A. to do their duty.

Well done, U.S.A.

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