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Prince: I am the scion of a race famed for its velour in the field. We never force on others war. But when war is forced upon us we never sink away, and never leave the field except with banners flying high over the corpses of the enemy. You ill advise me, sir, when you advise to let my neighbour have his way.

MIRDAD: Did you not say you would have peace?

Prince: Aye, peace would I have.

MIRDAD: Then do not fight.

Prince: But my neighbour insists on fighting me; and I must fight him that peace may reign between us.

MIRDAD: You would kill your neighbour that you may live with him at peace! How strange the spectacle! There is no merit in living at peace with the dead. But a great virtue it is to live at peace with the living. If you must wage a war on any living man, or thing, whose tastes and interests may clash at times with yours, then wage a war on God who caused these things to be. And wage a war upon the Universe; for countless are the things therein that disconcert your mind, and trouble your heart, and willy-nilly force themselves upon your life.

Prince: What should I do when I would be at peace with my neighbour, but he would fight?

MIRDAD: Fight!

Prince: Now you counsel me alright.

MIRDAD: Aye, fight! But not your neighbour. Fight rather all the things that cause you and your neighbour to fight. Why does your neighbour wish to fight you? Is it because your eyes are blue, and his are hazel? Is it because you dream of angels, and he dreams of devils? Or is it because you love him as yourself and holds all yours as his? It is your robes, O prince, your throne, your wealth, your glory and the things to which you are a prisoner that your neighbour wants to fight you for. Would you defeat him without raising a spear against him? Then steal a march on him, and yourself declare a war on all these things. When you have conquered them by ridding your soul of their clutches; when you have cast them out upon the rubbish heap, mayhap your neighbour will halt his march, and sheath his sword, and say unto himself, ‘Were these things worth a fight, my neighbour would not have cast them away upon the rubbish heap.’ Should your neighbour preserve in his madness and carry off the rubbish heap, rejoice at your own deliverance from such a noxious load, but grieve over your neighbour’s lot.

Prince: What of my honour which is worth far more than all my possessions?

MIRDAD: Man’s only honour is being Man, God’s likeness and image. All other honours are dishonours. An honour bestowed by men is easily taken away by men. An honour written with the sword is easily effaced by the sword. No honour, O prince, is worth a rusted arrow; much less a burning tear; much less a drop of blood.

Prince: And freedom – my freedom and that of my people – is not that worth the greatest sacrifice?

MIRDAD: True freedom is worth the sacrifice of self. Your neighbour’s arms cannot take it away; your own arms cannot win it and defend it. And the field of battle is for it a grave. True Freedom is won and lost in the heart. Would you have war? Wage it within your heart upon your heart. Disarm your heart of every hope and fear and vain desire that make your world a stifling pen, and you shall find it broader than the Universe; and you shall roam that Universe at will; and nothing shall be unto you an hindrance. That is the only war worth waging. Engage yourself in such a war, and you shall no longer find the time for any other wars which would become to you abhorrent beastliness and diabolic tricks meant to distract your mind, and sap your strength and cause you thus to lose the great war with yourself which is indeed an holy war. To win that war is to win undying glory. But victory in any other war is worse than rank defeat. And that is the horror of all men’s wars, that the victor and the vanquished equally espouse defeat. Would you have peace? Look not for it in wordy documents; nor strive to grave it even in rocks. For the pen that scribbles ‘Peace’ with ease can scribble ‘War’ with equal ease; and the chisel that engraves ‘Let us have peace’ can easily engrave ‘Let us have war’. And furthermore, the paper and the rock, and the pen and the chisel are soon attacked by moth, and rot , and rust, and all the alchemy of changing elements. Not so the timeless heart of man which is the siege of Holy Understanding. Once Understanding is unveiled, then victory is won and Peace established in the heart for ever and anon. An understanding heart is ever at peace even amid a war-dazed world. An ignorant heart is a dual heart. A dual heart makes for a dual world. A dual world breeds constant strife and war. Whereas an understanding heart is a single heart. A single heart makes for a single world. A single world is a world at peace. For it takes two to make a war. Therefore do I counsel you to war upon your heart so as to make it single. The prize of victory is everlasting Peace. When you can see, O prince, in any stone a throne; and find in any cave a castle, then too glad is the Sun to be your throne, and the constellations to be your castles. When any daisy in the field is fit to serve you for a medal; and any worm to be for you a teacher, then joyful are the stars to pose upon your chest, and ready is the Earth to be your pulpit.

[Mikhail Naimy, The Book of Mirdad – The strange story of a monastery which was once called the Ark, 2002, Watkins publ. co.,p. 99-100]

Lisa Gerrard - Elegy (Endless Harmony video)

Mostly, from 1985 and after, I have had the opportunity to discuss sincerely, with many people, both in Greece, as well as, in other countries.

  • The Western way of living is dependent on resources being outside of the West and for this reason, this way of living is not compatible, neither with peace, nor with non-violence.

  • For a long time, injustices are happening within West. But, the injustices which have been happening outside the West, are indescribable.

  • It is almost impossible, for the people outside the West, which have been subjected to indescribable injustices, not to develop extreme hatred.

  • Extreme hatred may put aside rationality and humanness.

  • Only justice can prevent extreme hatred from destroying both, the one who hates and the one who is being hated.

  • The majority of people are being attracted towards the material wealth, while, frugality makes most of the people almost indifferent about material possessions.

  • On our planet, a small minority of nations are enjoying disproportional large material wealth, while billions of people are suffering from poverty.

  • Western populations are being outnumbered by the rest of the populations.

According to my opinion and in order for the current situation to become able to evolve well, towards peace, freedom, friendship and frugal prosperity, there are few thing which should be taken care of:

  • All weapons (conventional, nuclear, chemical, biological, electronic, etc.) should, immediately, be put down.

  • All available monetary capital should be spent for the economic development of the Asia and the rest of the colonies.

  • All the drones (mechanical and others) should be retracted to their bases.

  • Each and every instance of visible luxury should vanish from the West. The Western way of life should be adopted so that the element of frugality may define the visible surface of this way of living.

  • The human rights, the civil rights, a minimum income, public health support and national sovereignty should be guaranteed by the West, for all the Nations in our planet.

  • The people who can think in terms of peace, non-violence, etc. should become burdened by the responsibility of coordinating the transition from the current dreadful situation towards peace, freedom, friendship and frugal prosperity.

The “keys” for the successful transition towards peace, may be both, the immediate retraction of the drones, as well as, the immediate confession and undertaking of responsibility for each and every one of the horrible things which have been committed in the past and which continue to be committed.

If we all act now for peacefully and rationally stopping violence everywhere, then, both West and the rest of the world could be rescued from the consequences of the existing extreme hatred.

Let There Be Peace On Earth - The Angel Choir

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