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Τετάρτη, 01 Ιανουάριος 2014 00:10

Today, the last day of year 2013, many people feel unhappy because they are facing many difficult problems within their lives.

They want those problems to be resolved, but, they don't know how.

According to my opinion, when we are facing a problem, our minds (those wonderfull instruments of prosperity) may find the optimum solutions of the problems we are facing, provided though, that we have previously trained them adequetely to seek for those solutions to where those solutions exist and also, to think in terms which can express those solutions.

There seems to be two options for training our minds: Towards violence and towards non-violence.

Violence can't ever provide any real solutions to problems. Because violence always multiplies and worsens any problems.

Non-violence opens the way, for understanding the structure, the dynamics and the nature of the problems and also opens the way for seeking, finding, expressing and applying ceteris paribus solutions to the problems.

Most probably, we can train our mind to function absolutely within non-violence, solution efficient boundaries by absolutely safeguarding our attention from being captivated by views or sounds of violence. By absolutely avoid watching violent movies and/or acts of violence and by absolutely avoid hearing violent music and/or conversations, we may deconstruct the very notion of violence. And by having deconstructed the notion of violence we may free our minds for seeking solutions only where those solutions exist: within the boundaries of non-violence.

As far as I am concerned, for me, this training seems to have been fruitful. Any reference about violence gives to me an impression similar like senseless sounds made from a deeply drunk person. Any claim that violence might contribute to resolving any kind of problem, looks, for me, like claiming that a donkey might ever be able to fly by itself or like claiming that the ocean could be drunk by a straw.

Being able to find ceteris paribus solutions to problems doesn't necessarily means, being able to apply those solutions.

For effectively applying ceteris paribus solutions to complex, collective problems, it is necessary that many people are simultaneously able to understand those solutions. And for this to happen, it is imperative that many people have succeded simultaneously in deconstructing the notion of violence, within their worldviews.

Concluding, for the year 2014, I wish to everyone, to succeed in deconstructing the notion of violence within their way of thinking so that, all together, hand-by-hand, we will be able to make, freedom, peace, friendship and prosperity the governing principles of our lives, everywhere.

The Sound of Music - Maria and the Captain dance the Laendner

P.S.: Please, quit violence. There is nothing good, nothing profitable in violence.

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