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Πέμπτη, 07 Ιανουάριος 2021 18:25

Protesters storm US Capitol



Urgent Message to the Americans 07-01-2021


Dear American Ladies and Gentlemen,


An orphan who never met his or hers mother shall never know what maternal love is; though s/he can very well comprehend a verbal definition of the “maternal love”.

The structure/dynamics of the United Stated embeds severe incoherences. And these incoherences unavoidably lead to repetitive, collective and catastrophic, systemic mistakes; and makes your country, literary, neglected and mistreated.

For resolving these incoherences, possessing “key” knowledge, which, in general, lays beyond the American “language-framework”, is imperative.

The fact that, the destruction of your Nation may be imminent, is profound.

Your salvation, according to my opinion, could probably emerge exclusively by your resorting to the leadership of one:


- who, somehow, embodies the another Nation’s traits of kindness and superior civilization (e.g. the Irish)

- who is extremely tough

- who is a man of honour (e.g. he wouldn’t hesitate even to risk his life for honouring even negligible gestures towards him of friendship).

- who is so much associated with “reality” that, even within the most demanding circumstances, he knows correctly, what to do; when to do it; how to do it; and why to do it.

- who is bound to a sequence of past heroic and risky, choices of applied patriotism by which, he never stopped fulfilling his duties towards his beloved country.


If such a man exists among you, then, his presence manifests a chance, for your own salvation, and for our entire world’s peace; and most definitely, I wish to urge you to grab this chance, now that you can.


Christos Boumpoulis



Out of Africa (1985) - Knowing What To Do