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Σάββατο, 07 Νοέμβριος 2020 11:27

HBO Band of Brothers - German General's speech


Open Letter to the German Government 07/11/2020


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


Every year, more or less, 260,000 German citizens and children die from cancer.

Every year, more or less, 900,000 German citizens and children die from various diseases including cancer.

The Dr. Royal Fine’s medical protocol completely cures cancer at a rate which tends to 100%. Many other diseases are being cured by the same technological means.

The George Lakhovsky’s technology completely cures cancer at a rate of 98%. Many other diseases are being cured by the same technological means.

The death of even just one German, from a curable disease is totally unacceptable.

The unjust suffering of even just one German due to his or hers illness that is just being treated while it could easily become cured, is totally unacceptable.

From what it seems, the German Public Health System needs improvement.

However, towards such improvements there seem to be, at least, two obstacles:


1. The May 21th, 1949 illegal treaty, and

2. The fact that, those who attempted, in the past, to promote the existing complete and non-invasive cures of cancer, they died by ways which they absolutely conform to the definition of the “plausibly deniable assassinations” (George Lakhovski, Dr. Royal Rife, John Bedini).


Obviously, reasons exists for so many innocent Germans, dying or suffering, from curable diseases.

Concluding and as I am not bidden by the above mentioned illegal treaty and in case that no one else dares to confront the inhumane big Pharma for materialising this humanitarian intervention, I would conditionally volunteer for undertaking the duty of totally reforming the German public health system in order for the Germany’s mortality to become absolutely minimized; in order for the Germans to retain through their entire life-span the best possible health; in order for the Germans to live the longest possible lives; and in order for nobody to gains profits from the Germans potential lacking of perfect health.




Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: I believe that I am suitable for reforming the G.P.H.S. because, I respect and love the Germans; I remain an impeccable citizen; I have been professionally practising problem-solving (software-debugging) for one and half decades, I am an economist; and I have been Honoured, through their Greece’s dictatorial regime, by the British with severe and extended, slandering and political persecution. As being an European Union’s citizen, I retain the legal and moral, right and obligation, to contribute in securing, by using legitimate means, the German citizens’ lives, well-being and freedom.




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