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Message to the German Government – Covid-19


Dear Ladies/Gentlemen,

The German citizens, according to my opinion, they become even more charming when they are smiling.

However, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the related shutting-down of the German economy, I noticed that, actually, the German citizens smile less frequently than before. And this must be altered.

For this alteration to happen, I studied the structure and dynamics of the Covid-19’s context and I concluded that, under a sufficiently high level of statistical trust, you could rely on that, smiling shall return to the German citizens’ faces so frequently as before the Covid-19 pandemic, as follows:

For each 1 euro that is spent due to measures that were applied to prevent the Covid-19’s further propagation, 1 corresponding euro should be spend for covering the costs of the followings:


1. Sanskrit becomes the first foreign language that, the German pupils should, obligatorily, learn.

2. The VHSs should massively offer lessons of Sanskrit and Euclidean Geometry.

3. All the German families/households should get a free/genuine Monie-Williams Sanskrit/English dictionary.

4. The German government should offer to the German citizens unprecedented financial incentives for them to study 75% Sanskrit and 25% Euclidean Geometry.

5. The total of the German Armed Forces ranked military officers, within 18 months, they should speak and write Sanskrit at an intermediate level of fluency and after 18 more months, they should be proficient in Sanskrit.

6. The total of the German Armed Forces non-ranked soldiers, within 18 months, they should become familiar with all the required Sanskrit terms in order for them to be able to comprehend translations of the most important ancient Indian books.

Concluding, I wish to express my belief that, the German government’s potential establishment of the above proposed feedback-loop, shall, not only, somehow, make the Covid-19 prone to terminate shortly, but also, new epidemics shall probably become prevented from manifesting, during the next very long period of time.


Christos Boumpoulis





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