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Operation Wikinger


Operation Wikinger (English: “Viking”) was a sortie into the North Sea by German World War II destroyers (1st Destroyer Flotilla) of the Kriegsmarine, in February 1940. During this operation, poor inter-service communication and cooperation between the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe and inexperience resulted in the loss of two German ships, despite the lack of Allied forces, through friendly fire bombing and German or British mines.



While the contemporary settler-colonialism is actually transforming, gradually, the members of our human-kind to, literary, “empty-vessels”, it seems that, people in authority exist, which they show appreciation towards the existing anti-colonialism forces by a quite “fireful” way.

I insist, in believing that the human life is sacred and invaluable, in promoting peace, freedom, cooperation and frugal prosperity, and in uncovering the German Nation as what it truly is, namely, innocent and kind.


Christos Boumpoulis