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The European Union Is The Disgrace Of Our Human-Kind


The European countries they have the rare and precious privilege of geographical proximity to the multi-milenium old humanitarian civilization of Greece.

Despite this privilege, today:


- the entire European Union remains surrendered to the horrors of the British settler-colonialism. In the European Union, no politician; no security authority; no media, dare to publicly pronounce the currently committed against the European Union international crime of settler-colonialism. Against this international crime, which it embeds a fundamental element of racism, there is no resistance, in Europe. The European Union’s citizens remain defenceless to suffer and even become murdered, due to settler-colonialism’s genocidal policies.

- the entire European Union has legally persecuted not even one case of criminal perpetration of involuntary brain-implanting with brain-locking and remote-neural-monitoring technology. The European victims of this genocide remain defenceless and hopeless.

- the entire European Union has legally persecuted not even one case of criminal perpetration, by colonizing-settlers of the death-program of gang-stalking against innocent European citizens. The European innocent victims of this monstrosity they suffer helpless in the streets of the European cities.

- the entire European Union has done nothing to terminate the perpetration, within most of the E.U.’s member-States of the “psychiatric” genocide.

- the entire European Union has legally persecuted not even one child-testicle robbers from the “drugged and maddened from opiates beforehand” colonizing-settlers which “can’t get it up” due to the opiates side-effects.

- the entire European Union has done anything, neither, for terminating the illegal May 21th, 1949 inhumane treaty, nor, to formally and materially vindicate the German Nation for its WW2 struggle for its freedom against a bunch of, professional and serial, genociding, rogue Nations.

- the entire European Union has done anything, neither, for protecting the members of the European natural leadership from becoming assassinated by the settler-colonizers, nor, for legally persecuting their assassins.

- the entire European Union has done anything, neither, for protecting E.U.’s member-States, like Greece, from falling under a settler-colonizers’ led dictatorships, nor, for restoring democracy to member-States which they already have fallen to a dictatorship.

- the entire European Union does not react while, in certain member-States, systematic attempt are being unfolding which aim to cover-up the international crime of settler-colonialism through making racism, its fundamental element, an undecidable issue, by eliminating the term, “race”.

- the entire European Union has done anything, neither, for protecting from mind-control the members of its security authorities, nor, for rehabilitating those members which they have already become victims of this monstrosity.

- the entire European Union has done nothing to protect the, according to the British terminology, “martial races” which they live upon European soil from becoming enlisted to domestic resources extraction’s projects, meaning to become quasi “weaponized” and turned against the indigenous European citizens.

- the entire European Union has done nothing to prevent forced mixed marriages from becoming conducted against unsuspected European citizens.

- the entire European Union does not react at all when, the settler-colonizing Nations, namely the U2RIT, perpetrate obvious and trivial diversions through applying the ages-long pastime of “lets you and him fight” (e.g. Turkey versus Greece) in order to prevent the European public opinion from realizing the monstrous extent of settler-colonialism which is being perpetrated against their own survival.


For the above reasons, I believe that, currently, the European Union is the disgrace of our human-kind; the civilized member-States like the Ireland, the Germany, the Greece and others, they should immediately exit from the E.U.; and that, a new co-federation consisted, exclusively, from the civilized European Nations it should become, immediately, established, in order for the civilized European citizens to become able to survive. We shall overcome.


Christos Boumpoulis





Let’s You and Him Fight

This may be a maneuver, a ritual or a game. In each case the psychology is essentially feminine. Because of its dramatic qualities, LYAHF is the basis of much of the world’s literature, both good and bad.

1. As a maneuver it is romantic. The woman maneuver or challenges two men into fighting, with the implication or promise that she will surrender herself to the winner. After the competition is decided, she fulfils her bargain. This is an honest transaction, and the presumption is that her and her mate live happily ever after.

2. As a ritual, it tends to be tragic. Custom demands that the two men fight for her, even if she does not want them to, and even if she has already made her choice. If the wrong man wins, she must nevertheless take him. In this case it is society and not the woman who sets up LYAHF. If she is willing, the transaction is an honest one. If she is unwilling or disappointed, the outcome may offer her considerable scope for playing games, such as ‘Let’s Pull A Fast one on Joey’.

3. As a game it is comic. The woman sets up the competition, and while the two men are fighting, she decamps with a third. The internal and external psychological advantages for her and her mate are derived from the position that honest competition is for suckers, and the comic story they have lived through forms the basis for the internal and external social advantages.

The description of this game on this page is incomplete. For a complete description of this game, refer to Games People Play.



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