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Πέμπτη, 19 Μάρτιος 2020 17:37

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The Vital Need for the European Citizens’ Active Participation


The specific circumstances in Europe which, they have prevailed at the so-called “end” of the WW2 and which, essentially and despite the modernization of the employed arsenal and the “plausibly deniable” methods used, they remain equivalent with the current circumstances.

From the perspective of the human-rights and of the National Sovereignty, the “end” of WW2 was a settler-colonialism’s triumph which, gradually, dominated even those Nations which military supported the traditional settler-colonizing Nations, namely the U.K., the U.S.A., the Russian Federation, the Israel and the Turkey.

Greece was the first “ally” who realized the horrors of settler-colonialism by suffering the bloody so-called “civil war”, which in actuality it wasn’t a civil war but an, instigated by the British, settlers-against-State, war.

Any informed and realized European citizen, what else to expect, since the WW2’s “end”, than the widespread, in Europe, genocidal policies?

According to trivial public information, in Europe, many kinds of “epidemics” do manifest: “cancer”, “aids”, “cardio-vascular diseases”, “hepatitis”, “Alzheimer”, “mental-diseases”, “multiple-sclerosis”, “erectile-dysfunction”, “attention-deficit-hyperactivity-syndrome”, “low-IQ”, “Covid-19”, etc.

Which “epidemic” is horrible, and which is not?

Which of the above “epidemics” originate from natural causes?

Which of the above “epidemics” originate from a criminal activity of any kind?

For each and every one of the above “epidemics”, have corresponding scientific investigations been conducted in order for the related propagation-mechanisms to become revealed (e.g. faults in the manufacturing of clothes; or, faults in the manufacturing of the detergents; or, faults in the foods/beverages manufacturing/distribution; or, faults in the buildings construction’s materials/methods; or, manifestations of entryism; or, manifestations of chemical/biological warfare/bio-terrorism; etc.).

The challenging circumstances which, since the WW2’s “ending”, the international community is facing didn’t just happened; but, they are, according to my opinion, the consequence of so many countries’ choice to military support the traditionally settler-colonial alliance of States, instead of supporting the, struggling for freedom and National Sovereignty, innocent and kind, German Nation.

My Greek family and myself, we are being continuously tortured, one way or another, by the settler-colonizers, for more than forty years and through this personal knowledge that was gained by this horrible and long-term experience I believe that, the contemporary calamity of the (partial) settler-colonization of Europe is not going to end by itself. Instead, the active participation of the European citizens seems as being imperative for the Europe to, eventually, enjoy, peace, freedom, cooperation and frugal prosperity.


Christos Boumpoulis