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Σάββατο, 28 Δεκέμβριος 2019 22:02
Legal Notice 141
Kiel, Germany, December 28th, 2019.
These are the facts:
- Each night I sleep in my private car while the wheather conditions are cold.
- Recently, I sent to certain European security authorities legal evidence about criminal activity in Greece of the NATOic secret army Gladio.
- Recently, I promoted publicly evidence about 18000 Syrian children which they were harvested and murdered in Turkey and a serious case of child organ harvesting, in Greece.
- Recently, I publicized severe indications that the E.U. is complicit to the international black-market of child-organs.
- Recently, I denounced publicly the illegitimate usage of directed-energy (microwave) weapons for torturing legitimate European political-dissidents, and I presented some indications that, European security authorities may be complicit to this kind of torture.
- Recenty, I promoted publicly the attrocities against the Palestinians of the Israeli Settlers and I argued that, the settler-colonisation of a E.U.’s large part, is being perpetrated, also, by atrocious Israeli-settlers.
- Recently, I publicized that my mother Mrs. Olga Bompola is being kept hostage because she is an eyewitness of child organs-harvesting and of other crimes and I sent related legal evidence to security authorities.
- The usage statistics, of my youtube account and of my website ( ) and disfunctions related, to all my email accounts, to the SMS service of my mobile phone, to my viber account and to my skype account, and other serious evidence, they constitute sufficient indications of an attempt of “enforced dissapearence” against me.
- Since many years I publicly protest against the British settler-colonialism in general and specifically against Greece.
- The German government refuses to offer my political-asylum.
For the above reasons, I fear that, the settler-colonising States may use the hardships of my enforced, by a long-lasting gang-stalking, homelessness in order to commit against me a, plausibly deniable, political assassination.
Therefore, I am asking from the legitimate people of good-will and good-faith:
- To notify the UN’s committee for the Forced Dissapearances about my case and request from them to intervene at once.
- To donate some money in order to be able to rent a safe-house.
Christos Boumpoulis
Dear Mr Luciano Hazan,
I am a victim of enforced disappearance a Greek citizen and located at Kiel, Germany.
Please inform me where I should resort for rescue.
The reason is my political dissidence against the British settler-colonisation of Greece.
The European security authorities ignore cases like me (crime of gang-stalking which is a death program).
The Greek authorities are involved and deny their involvement.
My freedom is violated in many ways.
Please reply promptly.
Christos Boumpoulis
My bank account.  ( Alpha Bank Greece, Swift: CRBAGRAA, IBAN: GR03 0140 2920 2920 0231 0014 181, Beneficiary: Christos Boumpoulis ).
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