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Europe’s Liberation and Greece’s Vast Energy Resources


Opinion: Germany's policy on Russia — silence implies consent

When the Georgian activist Zelimkhan Khangoshvili was murdered in broad daylight in Berlin's Tiergarten park at the end of August, an awkward silence initially prevailed on the part of the politicians in the German capital. This was even though the trail soon led to Vadim Sokolov amid evidence of the obvious support by Russian state agencies — in other words, the murder was a commissioned killing that is unlikely to have occurred without Putin's approval.

In the end, however, German federal prosecutors could not do otherwise than take over the investigation themselves, because Russia refused to give any assistance at all. And when the background to the crime could no longer be kept secret, the German government was forced to expel two employees at the Russian Embassy if it didn't want to make itself completely ridiculous with regard to Putin — an extremely mild reaction to what was a flagrant attack on German sovereignty and security.

At the closing press conference of the Normandy-format meeting in Paris, Putin stated, in the presence of the chancellor, that Khangoshivili was a "bandit" and that Berlin had failed to respond to Russian requests for his extradition. Of course, this was a barefaced lie and a tacit justification of the killing, as well as a virtual confirmation that it had been an assassination by Russian government agencies.

Who says what's what?

Putin is being allowed to lie to Berlin without being called to account. This means that Berlin is inexcusably giving Putin the power to say how the world should view his attacks on German sovereignty and his usual patterns of explanation, according to which Russia is always the innocent victim of defamation by the hostile West; Russian soldiers were never in eastern Ukraine; The Malaysian Airlines Boeing carrying 298 passengers may have been shot down with a Russian Buk missile, but that missile, naturally, did not come from Russia. Any view to the contrary is just conspiratorial slander by the West.

But Germany's policy toward Russia must not allow Putin to get away with such interpretations of events. Conceding him the right to put whatever slant he chooses on things without contradiction constitutes official approval of his actions and gives him even more scope for blatant attacks on German sovereignty. This must be clear to all representatives of the German government and political parties who believe that Putin can be inveigled into any form of cooperation or economic concessions by shortsightedly ignoring and playing down his flagrant breaches of international law. On the contrary: Those who are seriously interested in gaining Putin's doubtless necessary cooperation must not shy away from speaking clear words in public.



According, to undeniable public evidence and my current knowledge:


- The most part of the European Continent, including Greece, remains enslaved to the U2RIT’s settler-colonialism.

- Greece’s vast mineral energy resources are sufficient to secure Europe’s self-sufficiency with regard to the energy consuption.

- Greece’s liberation is imperative for hers mineral energy resources to “fuel” Europe’s liberation

- Limit (Probability ( {European citizens become liberated} While {Europe remains energy-dependent upon U2RIT})) → 0

- Limit (Probability ( {European citizens “observer’s” complete substitution by A.I. = pandemic transhumanisation = covert euthanasia} While {European citizens remain enslaved})) → 100%


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