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Reference point
Category Theory 1.5 : Properties of Functors, Contravariant Functors, and Subcategories
Blending Out of Existence Enviable Points of Reference
A contemporary settler-colony can not exist if its colonising-settlers can be identified.
The colonising-settlers, by definition, are “drugged and maddened by opiates beforehand”.
Whoever is “drugged and maddened by opiates beforehand” exhibits diminished, intelligence, creativity, kindness, self-sufficiency, erectile function, etc.
The perception of deficiency of any specific trait (e.g. intelligence, creativity, kindness, self-sufficiency, erectile function, etc.) presuposes the continues existence of a “reference-point of normality”.
The long-term perception, of any trait that is being manifested uniformly to all the members of a human group, due to neural plasticity, is impossible.
A character assassination of a reference-point could be perpetrated by, arbitrarily, applying traits of one of its subcategories to its corresponding category.
Settler-colonialism, in order to exist, needs to blend out of existence, equally, the normal individuals, as well as, the normal human groups (e.g. Nations).
For example, the imaginary individual named e.g. Philippe could be character assassinated by becoming arbitrarily categorised as “bad” (or “good”) due to the behaviour that once exhibited by the Philippe’s subcategory of “Philippe while having drunk one barrel of Pervitine”.
By committing the death-programm of gang-stalking against legitimate “targeted individuals”, the contemporary settler-colonisers are elliminating our societies’ reference-points of normality.
The members of the contemporary settler-colonised Nations, by “looking to the other way” with regard to their gang-stalked targeted individuals, they constrain the path of their Nation’s evolution within the algorithm that has blended out of existence the Tasmanian Nation.
The member-Nations of the contemporary international community, by “looking to the other way” with regard to gang-stalking of excellent and kind targeted Nations, they further constrain the path of their collective evolution within the algorithm that has blended out of existence the Tasmanian Nation.
Christos Boumpoulis
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Brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, is a term that refers to the brain's ability to change and adapt as a result of experience.
Reference point
Mathematics and science
Reference point, or frame of reference, a system of geometric axes in relation to which measurements of size, position, or motion can be made
Reference point, a geometrical point used to define the location of another point
Reference point, a point within a reference range or reference interval, which is a range of values found in healthy persons
Reference point, a measurement taken during a standard state or reference state, used in chemistry to calculate properties under different conditions
In mathematics, specifically category theory, a subcategory of a category C is a category S whose objects are objects in C and whose morphisms are morphisms in C with the same identities and composition of morphisms. Intuitively, a subcategory of C is a category obtained from C by "removing" some of its objects and arrows.
Character assassination
Character assassination (CA) is a deliberate and sustained effort to damage the reputation or credibility of an individual The term could also be selectively applied to social groups and institutions. Agents of character assassinations employ a mix of open and covert methods to achieve their goals, such as raising false accusations, planting and fostering rumors, and manipulating information.
Character assassination happens through character attacks. These can take many forms, such as spoken insults, speeches, pamphlets, campaign ads, cartoons, and internet memes. As a result of character attacks, individuals may be rejected by their professional community or members of their social or cultural environment. The process of CA may resemble an annihilation of human life as the damage sustained can last a lifetime. For some historical figures, that damage endures for centuries.
CA may involve exaggeration, misleading half-truths, or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation and can be a form of ad hominem argument.
The phrase "character assassination" became popular from around 1930. This concept, as a subject of scholarly study, was originally introduced by Davis (1950) in his collection of essays revealing the dangers of political smear campaigns. Six decades later Icks and Shiraev (2014) rejuvenated the term and revived academic interest by addressing and comparing a variety of historical character assassination events.
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