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Τρίτη, 23 Ιούλιος 2019 22:00


The One And Only Way For Them To Respect

It seems obvious the fact that, most of the European citizens face a severe difficulty in discriminating civilization from barbarity.

One of the most essential trate of civilization is the ability to convince by the reason itself.

Here is a small example.

For some very simple and very humane reasons I enjoy very much having long… very long conversations about any, quite complecated issue with the born Germans. But, unfortunately, this is not possible. The reason for this is the fact that, as a rule, the born Germans claim things which are rational and right and they express their claims, accurately and by using very few words; thus, they oblige me to immediatelly agree with them and the discussion ends just few sentences after it had just started. And, as a rule, the same applies vice versa.

And this trate goes much deeper.

In Germany, anyone, even the last of its beggars, is able to resolve and terminate the public discussions about even a very serious collective issue provided that this anyone had publicly expressed, in simple and understandable words, a rational and correct opinion about that issues. And in fa ew hours 82 million citizens, almost with no exceptions, willingly obey the righteousness of this anyone, they act accordingly and they do not bother to talk about this issue anymore.

The German Nation manifests homogeniousness of comprehension and of self-discipline up to a profound if not unprecedented degree.

On the contrary, barbarity is not reactive to honest reasoning.

For example, the British colonialism, since ages, destroy any Nation that the British they do not fear of it. The examples are many, Tasmanian, Kenyan, Indians of the Americas, Australian aboriginals, Cypriots, Irish, etc.

If, the British do not fear of a specific Nation, then, they castrate; assassinate; rape; torture; play football with the beheaded heads; etc. this Nation’s natural leaders; and then, they genocide the entire Nation.

Since today, there hasn’t been any expressed reasoning able to convince the British to terminate their settler-colonialism. And even worst, their contemporary version of their settler-colonialism has involved, claustrum-manipulating brain implants which manifests an indirect form of supported-suicide; meaning a high-tech version of covert genocide.

The European citizens, towards the British settler-colonialism materialise the worst kind of reaction in terms of defeating the British aggressiveness.

By not reacting when the British, gang-stalk; slander; rape; brain-implant; institutionalise; torture; persecute; castrate; incarcirate; cripple; humiliate in the cafeterias and elsewhere; marginalise; exile; assassinate, etc. the European natural leadership’s members, meaning the European human rights activists and the political dissidents, the European citizens convince the British not to fear the European Nations.

On the contrary, when the French used military force in order to constrain the British behind the “channel”, the British had no other option than to respect the French.

Concluding, I believe that, the total genocide of the European Continent’s population is unavoidable and imminent, as far as, the European citizens assure that the British aggression against them keeps having no cost, of any kind, for the British themselves.

Christos Boumpoulis



Non-conventional Military Weapons

Non-conventional military weapons typically target military and political bodies directly, seeking to reduce the effectiveness of the enemy military. They serve as a psychological method designed to win the hearts and minds of the civilian population. Unlike conventional warfare, the objectives of using non-conventional weapons are not well-defined, the tactics and weapons result in destabilization or intimidation, and the long-term goals are coercive or subversive to a political body.

The general objective of using non-conventional weapons is to instill a belief in the civilian population that peace and security are not possible without compromise. Specific objectives include inducement of war weariness, limitation of civilian standards of living, and civil liberties, as well as greater security demands, economic hardship linked to the costs of war, hopelessness to defend against assaults, fear, depression, and poor morale.