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Greece’s Pair Of Butiks – What A Wonderful World

The contemporary colonisers, according to undeniable historic evidence, are, serial killers and serial genociders.
There is a Greek pair of butiks that worth mentioning.
Within Greece’s borders, there is the most favorit, for the colonisers, men’s butik. And beyond the borders, there is the most hated men’s butik.
Everyone wishes to hold the favorit men’s hands. These men hold, due to the colonisers’ force, Greece’s “gate-keeping” positions. The citizens, the world’s political leaders and the most prominent relegious leaders; everyone; support, respect and praise them. They enjoy the most expensive luxuries and they live like Kings.
No one wishes to be associated with the most hated, by the colonisers, men’s butik and everyone contributes, actively and/or passively, to its men’s marginalisation. The most hated men suffer every day, from tortures (e.g. gang-stalking), slandering, homelessness, hunger, thurst, poverty, unemployment, unjust imprisonments, neadless institutionalisation, involuntary human experiments, brain implanting, poisoning, organs/tissues smuggling, political persecutions, displacements, enforced dissapearences, humiliations, fear, cold, social isolation, etc.
We are living in a world where the human kind chooses, freely, which human qualities wishes to see flaurishing and which wishes to become vanished. And then, it collects the just consequencies.
What a wonderful world!

Christos Boumpoulis

Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world ( 1967 )