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The complete Robot



Asparagus Robotic Harvester – Sensors


Asparagus Robotic Harvester’s Sensors


As I have described in previous articles, I am developing a Robotic Asparagus Harvester (see the above complete figure).

The system is a mobile unit and includes, at the front part a “T” shape Observer’s Bridge for positioning two 3D vision cameras and a Lidar, at the midle part, a robot arm with an actuator which includes, two 3D vision camera, an asparagus cutter (it looks like a long screw driver), a picker lever and a cylindrical electric hammer, and at the rear is the storage compartment.

At the photos below, the reader can see, the views from each of the four cameras and the visualization from the Lidar’s data.

The next step in the system’s development is the contruction of a software which shall do the mathematics for the calculation of the actuator’s tragectory. For these calculation I intend to use the KDL software libraries.


Christos Boumpoulis



The Observer’s Bridge


The Actuator


The view from the Observer’s Bridge


Left Camera at Observer’s Bridge Right Camera at Observer’s Bridge


The view from the Actuator


Left camera at the Actuator Right camera at the Actuator


The visualization of the Lidar’s data


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