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Τρίτη, 05 Ιούνιος 2018 15:30
Bernd Seiffert
Who was Bernd Seiffert?
Traffic accident involving a bicycle?
And a drunk perpetrator which was, also, a cocaine regular user?
And the loss of an, innocent and kind, legitimate dissident?
And rational critisism against the atrocities of the pseudo-science of the so called "psychiatry" (so called because, it is impossible for the term, psyche, to be scientifically defined)?
According to my present knowledge, the domain of "psychiatry" may constitutes one of the worst contemporary manifestations of racism, as, from what it seems, almost, the entire set of "psychiatrists", in Greece, belongs, coincidentally or not, to a specific race. Are there any anti-racism laws to rescue us from such awfull manifestations of racism?
Coincidentally, the past few years, I am publicly advocating against the same race's, illegitimate and immoral, sovereignity claims over, almost, the half territory of my first (Germany is the second one) fatherland, Greece.
Therefore, I wander, is there any seemilarity between, Bernd Seiffert's fatal bicycle accident, with the, relatively, recent insident with the speeding bicycle, somewhere, in the northern Europe?
God may rest Bernd Seiffert's, innocent and kind, soul.
Christos Boumpoulis

Note: The photo was found here, www.psychiatriekritikerberndseiffert.blogspot.com


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