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The burglary and vandalism in my private residence at village Loutros


Initially, I left from Greece on May 1st, 2014 and I returned, to my permanent residence, at village Loutros, in the prefecture of Evros, Thrace, northern Greece, approximately on September 24th, 2016 and stayed there for approximately 20 days.

The interior of my home had been vandalized (see the above photo, which I made obscure for legal reasons) and at least two of my belongings were stolen.

For security reasons, before I leave from my house, I had made an arrangement, with its electronic circuitry (after all, two of my professions are, self taught electronics engineer and security systems installer), in my electric guitar amplifier so that, if it had been turned on, during my absence, I would find it out and also I would possess hard evidence about it, when I would return into my home. And indeed, when I returned home I found out that, this device had been turned on and there are hard evidence that it had happened so.

The first stolen object was a dossier with some technical notes with regard to one of my professional works as a security systems installer.

The second stolen object was my 2016 personal diary. In this diary I had written thorough notes about the details of a criminal action which was committed against me, during the year 2016, by a perpetrator which was associated with the British services.

According to sufficient indications, the burglary and the vandalism were committed by perpetrators which were associated with the British services.

I wouldn't exclude the possibility of possessing more information than those I presented above, while, for personal security and for legal, reasons, I refrain from revealing them.

Besides the pending, legal and political, sides of this incident, the combination of, the consequences of the vandalism, and the criminal nature of the people of the British services, dictate that, both, all of my belongings in the interiors of my home, as well as, the prefabricated aluminum construction of my home, need to be replaced with new ones (who would trust those criminals that they didn't left in the burgled home, either, toxic chemicals or other hazardous materials or surveillance devices?).

The cost of those replacements is estimated to 110.000 euro plus the corresponding taxes. Also, as a monetary compensation for the consequent moral damage which, this criminal incident has caused to me, I would demand an additional 1.000.000 euro plus the corresponding taxes.

I consider as obligatory the return of all the stolen property and the disclosure of all information regarding any existing (toxic chemical, biological, radiological, explosive, etc.) hazards of any kind, which may have been left in my burgled home, by the people of the Britons.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Shame.


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