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Noise means any unwanted sound. Noise is not necessarily random. Sounds, particularly loud ones, that disturb people or make it difficult to hear wanted sounds, are noise. For example, conversations of other people may be called noise by people not involved in any of them; any unwanted sound such as domesticated dogs barking, neighbours playing loud music, portable mechanical saws, road traffic sounds, or a distant aircraft in quiet countryside, is called noise.

Acoustic noise can be anything from quiet but annoying to loud and harmful. At one extreme users of public transport sometimes complain about the faint and tinny sounds emanating from the headphones or earbuds of somebody listening to a portable audio player; at the other the sound of very loud music, a jet engine at close quarters, etc. can cause permanent irreversible hearing damage. At intermediate levels there are a range of deleterious health effects from noise. This "intolerable corruption of human space" can be called noise pollution. A claim made by Luigi Russolo in his article, The Joys of Noise is that noise has become so prominent that pure sound no longer exists.

Roland Barthes also observes that noise can be perceived either physiologically or psychologically. We perceive noise physiologically when we "hear" it. On the other hand when we "listen" to a noise we are doing this psychologically. Physiological noise can be explained physiologically of course. When we perceive a physiological noise we subconsciously feel the vibrations of the noise (sound) waves with our particles in our physical body whereas psychological noise refers to noise that is perceived when our conscious awareness shifts its attention to that noise rather than letting it filter through our subconscious where it goes unnoticed.

Sound intensity follows an inverse square law with distance from the source; doubling the distance from a noise source reduces its intensity by a factor of four, or 6 dB.

Regulation of acoustic noise

Noise regulation includes statutes or guidelines relating to sound transmission established by national, state or provincial and municipal levels of government. After a watershed passage of the U.S. Noise Control Act of 1972, the program was abandoned at the federal level, under President Ronald Reagan, in 1981 and the issue was left to local and state governments. Although the UK and Japan enacted national laws in 1960 and 1967 respectively, these laws were not at all comprehensive or fully enforceable as to address (a) generally rising ambient noise (b) enforceable numerical source limits on aircraft and motor vehicles or (c) comprehensive directives to local government.

Underwater noise is one of 11 Descriptors of Good Environmental Status according to the EU's Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Recording and reproduction noise

In audio, recording, and broadcast systems audio noise refers to the residual low level sound (usually hiss and hum) that is heard in quiet periods of programme. This is also known as white noise according to the Merriam Webster Definition. There is a similar phenomena to "white noise" which emanates not only from audio recording equipment but from everything and more particularly, musical instruments (whether they are acoustic or electric). These noises are "impurities." When an instrument plays a pitch, even the most beautiful sounding instruments, there is noise (consisting of impurities) projected. Henry Cowell claims that technological advancements have brought machines closer to diminishing these unwanted noises, but have not been completely successful thus far.

In audio engineering it can also refer to the unwanted residual electronic noise signal that gives rise to acoustic noise heard as hiss. This signal noise is commonly measured using A-weighting or ITU-R 468 weighting.


White, Pink and Brown Noise Sound Comparison

Scary Sound - Deep Fog Horn

Submarine Diving Alarm Horn

Tornado Siren

Civil Defence siren test 2002 - Guernsey Nuclear Command Centre

Der Klassiker: Alte Sirene Alarmierung - old classic siren

Nuclear Alarm Siren - 10 minutes (World War III)

In this article, I do not represent anyone else but, my own self. Everything which follows expresses my own opinion and not anyone else.

Noise, may convey some embedded information or meaning.

Equally, noise may intent to prevent a rational and thoughtful discussion from taking place.

For example, currently, both in Greece, as well as, in E.U. there is a growing “noise” about issues of false or pretentious importance.

Another Greek tragedy looms as eurozone politicians sabotage a promising recovery


Everyone is wondering whether Greece is a special case – or just the first


According to my opinion, a calm and rational dialog about both, domestic, as well as, international politics, might promote the true structure and dynamics of our current and common problems.

  • The root cause of Greece's problems are, the undemocratic and extremely racist way of staffing the public institutions.

  • The inefficient Greek judicial institution: according to some related Greek laws, it is forbidden for Greek citizens to gain full knowledge of their own judicial file, while there are, currently, sufficient indications that “phantom” judicial trials are being implemented in order to “silence” the patriotic supporters of domestic interests.

  • Among a total of 194 Nations (193 in U.N. plus Nomads'), Greece, most probably, is the most normal Nation. This is because Greek people are firmly dedicated to civilization, to our moral principles, to peace, to freedom, to friendship and to our, perceived by us, moral obligations to the universal civilization. This doesn't mean that we aren't brave. On the contrary, we are brave enough to actively recognize the partially humane condition of those who are exercising covert violence on us (during the last 50 years, there has been, and probably continues to be, occasions were innocent, legitimate and civilized Greek patriots: they may have, even, tortured for as long as 35 years; may have survived, even, 40 assassination attempts attempted against them; they may have seen their own parents being tortured, even, for 40 years; they may have seen their own families suffering from instrumental and external corruption against them). Greece, during the recent 50 years have suffered almost incredible covert violence, probably, because other Nations cannot discriminate between economic influence and mare slavery.

  • In Greece, some of us continue our noble endeavor for the promotion of the human rights and the promotion of civilization. Which other Nations are accompanying us in this endeavor, despite the globalization of the unfreedom?

  • During Greece's current economic crisis, E.U and I.M.F representatives have been extremely persistent in providing for reforms that were going to make Greece's infrastructure (ports, roads, electricity, communications, etc.) privatized by the international monetary capital. But the related problems with Greece's infrastructure weren't inherent, but they were effects attributed to the root causes, which I mentioned earlier. Furthermore, by not having them, Greece is going to become deprived by both, some of the pylons of hers National sovereignty, as well as, valuable resources by which, she could gain future incoming monetary flows.

  • Probably, we are facing a global (excluding Greece) tragedy. Everyone know the unprecedented value of both, human rights, as well as, freedom, but almost each end every Nation is reluctant to, peacefully, rationally, and creatively, do anything about truly, restoring them, both.

According to my opinion, the best course of action may be the following:

  • Everyone should stop producing political “noise”. Nea Dimocratia, Pasok, Siriza, E.U., I.M.F., and mass media, should keep normal conversational volume and stop, unintentionally or not, jeopardizing innumerable human lives.

  • Greece is a Just Nation. Therefore, everyone whose monetary capital have been used for the normalization of the eurozone crisis, should become assured that Greece shall fully honor justice.

  • The most urgent global problem in which, everyone should concentrate, probably, is the need to develop a new model of biosociety, without letting our global civilization to become downgraded, even more.

  • A personality which embeds internationally acknowledged moral integrity and credibility, and which enjoys the approval of E.U., I.M.F. and of Greek society, should become employed in order to contribute in the effective normalization of all this international mess.

  • All structures and dynamics of economic influence, which may use lethal force, should, immediately become retracted. This is the right thing to do; this is what shall pave the way for peace and freedom.

  • Everyone should exercise every effort to comprehend the facts that:

    • Human life is sacred!

    • Human life is invaluable!

    • No one has the right to waste human lives! No one!

    • In Peace, lay the solutions of the most important problems of our human kind!




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