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  • Without interpersonal and/or international freedom to communicate effectively, there is no mutual trust.

  • Without mutual trust, there is no Democracy.

  • Without Democracy, there is no Human Rights.

  • Without Human Rights, there is no Civilization (life becomes mare struggle for survival within external conditions which are similar to those of an wild jungle).

  • Without Civilization, there is no material and/or symbolic value of any sort. (Money, authority, cities, countries, material resources, fame, prestige, technology, industry, etc. all become totally worthless).

Therefore, without interpersonal and/or international freedom to communicate effectively, each and every material and/or symbolic possession becomes, totally, worthless.

  • For achieving peace, freedom, friendship and frugal prosperity, within all Nations, with no exemption, we previously need to gain the ability to regulate effectively both, the quality, as well as, the quantity, of all the “internal” parameters, of our societies (both material and symbolic – money, consumption, etc., power, fame, etc.).

  • Within complex organizational systems, for gaining the ability to regulate effectively all the “internal” parameters, of those systems, we previously need to both, measure those “internal” parameters, as well as, effectively express them (their pair - quantity and quality) as (mathematical) functions of true value (of external parameters, namely in terms of the pair, freedom of self-expression and freedom of effective communication).

For many years, people were actively (by making supportive choices in favor of those who were characterized by those properties) declaring as measures of personal “value”, their money, their material belongings, their behavior, their fame, their authority, their power, the admirable elements of their heredity, their culture, etc. At the same time, there has been a contumely about the person, itself, which, by the way, the only way for getting to, truly, know it, one, has to establish a personal relationship with it.

But now, that, the evolution of technology, simultaneously, with the abasement of our civilization, have made, each and every one of those “internal” parameters, with not even one exemption, prone for “external” (violent) and covert adulteration, those same parameters have completely lost their ability to function instrumentally, within our social foundations and elsewhere, for advancing the common good.


Our societies have been left without having a “valuation” subsystem. And without the ability to correctly valuate entities and timing, our societies, probably, have become “inefficient”.

According to my opinion, we are still able to achieve peace, freedom, friendship and frugal prosperity, as far as, we realize the effectiveness of our ability to make creative choices and do such, discrete and collective, choices.

Bellow you shall find an useful story, which I have found in the internet and through which I would like to convey an absolutely and exclusively positive message. This story, I believe it is suitable for creative thinking.

Ein guter Mensch am Höllentor

Die Hölle war total überfüllt und noch immer stand eine lange Schlange am Eingang. Schließlich musste sich der Teufel selbst heraus begeben, um die Bewerber fortzuschicken.
"Bei mir ist alles so überfüllt, dass nur noch ein einziger Platz frei ist", sagte er. "Den muss der ärgste Sünder bekommen. Sind vielleicht ein paar Mörder da?" Und nun forschte er unter den Anstehenden und hörte sich deren Verfehlungen an. Was auch immer sie ihm erzählten, nichts schien ihm schrecklich genug, als dass er dafür den letzten Platz in der Hölle hergeben mochte.

Schließlich sah er einen, der er noch nicht befragt hatte.
"Was ist eigentlich mit Ihnen – dem S,i.r, der da für sich allein steht? Was haben Sie getan?"
"Nichts", sagte der Mann, den er angesprochen hatte. "Ich bin ein guter Mensch und nur aus Versehen hier. Ich habe geglaubt, die Leute ständen hier um Zigaretten an."
"Aber sie müssen doch etwas getan haben", sagte der Teufel. " Jeder Mensch stellt etwas an."

"Ich sah es wohl", sagte der gute Mensch, "aber ich hielt mich davon fern. Ich sah, wie Menschen ihre Mitmenschen verfolgten, aber ich beteiligte mich niemals daran. Sie haben Kinder hungern lassen und in die Sklaverei verkauft; sie haben auf den Schwachen herum getrampelt und die Arme zertreten. Überall um mich herum haben Menschen von Übeltaten jeder Art profitiert. Ich allein widerstand der Versuchung und tat nichts."

"Absolut nichts?" fragte der Teufel ungläubig. "Sind sie sich völlig sicher, dass sie das alles mit angesehen haben?"
Vor meiner eigenen Tür", sagte der gute Mensch.
"Und nichts haben sie getan?" wiederholte der Teufel.
"Komm herein, mein Sohn, der Platz gehört dir!"


A good man at the Gates of Hell

Hell was totally crowded and still there was a long queue at the entrance. Finally, the devil himself had to go out to send away the candidate. 
"For me, everything is so crowded that only a single space is free," he said. "The need to get the worst of sinners. Are perhaps a few killers here?" And now, he conducted research under the pending and listened to their transgressions.Whatever they told him, nothing seemed horrible enough that he might give it the lowest place in hell.

Finally, he saw a man which he had not interviewed. 
"What is with you - mister (H_e.r_r.n_) who stands alone. What did you do?" 
"Nothing," said the man, whom he had raised. "I am a good person and I only end up here. I thought the people here stands for cigarettes." 
"But you must have done something," said the devil. "Every person is making mischief."

"I could see that," the good man said, "but I kept my distance away as I saw how people watched their fellow man, but I didn't participated because I have never starve children and sold into slavery;.. They have on the weak trampled trampled and arms. All around me people have benefited from wrongdoing of any kind. I alone resisted the temptation and did nothing. "

"Absolutely nothing?" said the devil in disbelief. "Are you quite sure that you are telling everything?" 
Prior to my own door, "the good man said. 
"And there is nothing that you have done?" repeated the devil. 
"Come in, my son, the place is yours!"

Man's Only Honour 2


P.S.: Totally and exclusively positive, the message of this article: all the best are within our reach.

Note: the photo was found here.

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