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Κυριακή, 22 Ιούνιος 2014 23:14

Jean Claude Juncker

Dear Mr. Jean Claude Juncker,

With regard to the ongoing conflict over European Commission president election and having been informed about the various stakeholders' arguments, I thought that it might be useful to hear also, the opinion of one member of the civil society.

  1. Undertaking the E.U. com. presidency is a quasi punishment and not a privilege.

  2. The notions “European Union”, “federation”, “federalism”, “policy”, “austerity”, “development”, etc. are theoretical (and up to a certain degree, abstract) ideas and for this reason, literary, they do not exist. Instead, Jean, Angela, Theodoros, Christos, Werner, etc. are real human beings and for this reason, they do exist.

  3. Any civilized society is, literary, the result of an effective substitution of any lacking cultural (inner) self-restraints by a corresponding and complementary social (external) boundary. By neglecting to perform this substitution we may accidentally create societies like the former East Germany (or even worst).

The Responsibility.

I live in a country where, late in the afternoon, the couples walk in the streets while holding each other, hand by hand. I invite any citizen of good will and good faith, here, to look in the eyes those people and ask his self: “becoming responsible for the human lives, for the fates, for the freedom, the safety, the happiness and the frugal prosperity of more than 400 million of those human beings, is it a privilege or is it a punishment?”.


Impressive vs Creative talking

The abstract notions that is being used in the public dialog, by some of the member states leaders and in order to inspire, good will, good faith, creative thinking and creative cooperation, have instrumental value and only. The important thing is whether and in which degree “we” succeeded establishing peaceful, free, friendly and frugally prosperous circumstances within our societies. Arguing exclusively about abstract notions without specific (qualitative and quantitative) reference to the real social problems and the existing social despair, is a non-creative choice and is prone to inspire fearful feelings to the citizens.

Lack of boundaries

Weapons are, just means. The choise with regard to their usage is, what, makes them “good” or “bad”. The same applies also to the relationships and to the money, which both should be considered as quasi weapons.

Today and within E.U., who (in which degree and how) is controlling the money? And who (in which degree and how) is controlling the relationships?

With the situation of the former East Germany as a point of reference, how far or how close or how even worst is the current situation in E.U.?

If empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another sentient or fictional being and if one may need to have a certain amount of empathy before being able to experience accurate sympathy or compassion, can you empathize those who:

  • For their love of their country defend publicly hers legitimate interests and then, they collect the dire consequences.

  • For their love for their fellow human beings they defend publicly the human rights and then, they collect the dire consequences.

  • For their love for justice they defend publicly the rule of law and then, they collect the dire consequences.

  • For their love for personal integrity, for honesty and for innocence they refuse becoming corrupted and then, collect the dire consequences.

  • For their love of peace, freedom, friendship and frugal prosperity they legitimately try to contribute in the effectiveness of their countries political system and then, they find them selves politically persecuted or self-exiled, or political refugees, or having become fallen under zersetzen programs.

  • For their love for dignity, they refuse to become enlisted within undemocratic collective practices and then, they find themselves marginalized by many ways, even for decades.

  • Etc.

Can you look in the eyes the:

Roberto, Eva, Christian, Dörte, Wolf, Michael, Uta, Gabriele, Karl, Jürgen, Heinrich, Lottchen, Helmut, Ewald, Kurt, Joachim, Odysseas, Christos, Christodoulos, Malvina, Alekos, Aris, etc.

and assure them that, from now on, their pain, their fears and their problems are going to be your pain, your fears and your problems?

I wish that, in the end, you shall undertake the burden of the responsibilities of becoming the president of the European Commission.

I strongly believe that civil society and most certainly, myself, we are going to stand - rock solid - by your side, along the way for E.U.'s becoming the “heart” of the civilized part of our world.


Christos Boumpoulis

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