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Σάββατο, 14 Ιούνιος 2014 03:10



This afternoon, as usually, I went for a nice walk.

While I was walking beside a big and wonderful building, at Fasanenstraße 1A, 10623 Berlin (Universität der Künste Berlin), through an open door, at the side of the building, I saw a big theater inside of which, a drama lesson was taking place.

Silently, I walked into the theater and I watched the overwhelming “first steps” of those young students, of the performing art of drama.


When the lesson finished and the students walked out of the theater and gathered at the beautiful garden, we meet each other and started talking.

Those playful creatures, started to tease me as soon as they found out that I am a Greek: “Are you one more Great Greek philosopher”?, “Are you going to share with us your Greek Wisdom”? etc.

We laughed a lot.

If I understood well, no one of the students thought that I might be more playful than them.

C.B.: “If myself was one of the 'reincarnations' of the ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates, and if you had the opportunity to ask me one and only, important question, what might have been this question”?

Student: “Within our world, underlined or covert wars are spread, almost, everywhere. What should we do, in order to end those wars; in order to prevent others to take place; in order to recover the harm, all those wars have inflicted; and in order to restore a peaceful harmony within our societies”?


It might be useful if you could learn to discriminate between: 'doing' and 'being'. And also, to discriminate between: 'material' issues and 'human' issues.

The one, who tries to resolve a 'material' issue, is fundamentally independent from this issue. For this reason, he may resolve it by 'doing' what constitutes an effective and practical resolving algorithm.

Dealing with 'human' issues is something completely different. The one, who tries to resolve issues of those kind, is 'organically' united with the content of the 'human' issue, for various reasons:

  • Human beings are dynamic entities and for this reason, essentially, they can't be described (or explained) by static characteristics. Their properties are 'flowing' within time and they change intermittently, due to both, external as well as internal influences. For those reasons, static characteristics can not ever define his identity.

  • The issues which involve human beings are constituted, essentially, by subjective and arbitrary explanations (projections), of one's worldview, upon the 'raw' reality he observes and for this reason, the 'human' issues, literary, they do not exist by their own (without reference to their observer at a specific time frame). It might be accurate as well as useful to declare as one 'incomplete' 'organic' entity the couple: ['human issue' and 'observer'], which may become 'completed' (one gestalt form), if and when this 'human' issue ceases to be considered, by the 'observer', as an issue.

  • 'Human' issues can only become resolved, if and when, the one who considers them as such, change what he 'is' and become something 'else'. In other words, for resolving 'human' issues, we don't 'do' something, but, we rather 'become' something.

If there was something that we could 'do', by which 'diplomacy' could end the existing wars and could prevent others to become manifested, then, 'diplomacy' would become needless. And 'diplomacy' might never wanted to become needless.

If there were some kind of weapons, the existence of which might prevent wars from ever happening again, then, weapons industries would become needless. And those industries might never wanted to become needless.

If there was something that we could 'do', by which the victims of all the past and present wars and of all the past and present cruelty, could immediately make all of us to stop obstructing them from becoming integrated with the rest of our societies, then, an almost countless number of professions and industrial sectors might become almost needless. And all those stakeholders might never wanted to become needless.

If there was something that we could 'do', by which, our societies, after all those horrible manifestations of violence, could immediately become normalized, peaceful and harmonious, then, many existing networks of power and/or influence might have to become downsized. And all those, who might materially benefit from those networks, might never wanted those downsizing to happen.

For truly resolving 'human' issues we need to 'become' that kind of human beings which do not contribute positively to the (direct or indirect, active or passive) causal generating of those 'human' issues. And the 'right' timing for this 'becoming' to take place is not prior our realization of the uselessness of just 'doing' things both, for pretending that we try to resolve 'human' issues, as well as, for avoiding to undertake our personal and/or collective responsibility, with regard to our own fate and with regard to the fates of our fellow human beings.

The way for 'becoming' that kind of human beings is called, civilization”.

The students became serious and there is a possibility for few of them to felt annoyed. Probably, the realization of the need for undertaking personal responsibility in order for their lives to become humane, was not so easy for them.

I got up, said goodbye and continue my wandering through the wonderful streets of Berlin.

Metropolis 1927 [Sci-fi] Full Movie

P.S.: This story is partially imaginary. And my expressed personal opinions, probably, are just philosophical theories with no practical usefulness.
Note: the photos were found here and here.

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