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Πέμπτη, 12 Ιούνιος 2014 16:44

The HANSABÜCHEREI (Hansa library) is a meeting point in the center of the new Hansaviertel around Hansaplatz. It forms a unit with the southern entrance of the underground station.



The flat atrium building on a low, recessed, rectangular pedestal appears light and bright. The concrete frame construction allows numerous large window areas which seem to dissolve the exterior and interior.



The interior composition was setting new standards in 1957. Visitors are given the opportunity to freely walk around, go to the bookshelves and stay in the read areas and atrium without being disturbed.

The atrium is accentuated by a basin and a small sculpture created by Bernhard Heiliger.



 Werner Düttmann, Architect (1921–83).

German architect. As City Architect of Berlin in the 1960s he was a leading light in the conservation movement to save Berlin's heritage of stucco-fronted C19 apartments, but he was also a prime mover in the campaign to persuade Mies van der Rohe to return to Berlin and build the Nationalgalerie, which, arguably, with the Philharmonie by Scharoun, ignored the historic plan of the city in that area. He was responsible for some major developments, including low-density housing at Heiligensee (1975) and apartment-blocks at Märkisches Viertel, Wittenau, both in Berlin (1970). [source]


Today, I have spent some time in the Hansabibliothek (Altonaer Str. 15, 10557 Berlin). Though this library is a small one, she possesses one rare property: Spending time in this small library is something that makes you feel blissful.

I have visited many libraries, but this is a special one.

Off course, as soon as I realized this exceptionally positive influence, which this library offers to the visitors, I asked my self, Why?

According to my opinion, the answer has to do with the architectural design.

Unfortunately, I do not possess the language of Architect, though, I could simplistic say that, this 1957 designed facility was consisting of innumerable simple architectural details which were inspiring to the visitor positive feelings.

From my own subjective point of view, the architectural designs of Hansa Bibliothek is, literary, a rare materialization of a “clear view” of the human needs.

The reason for my being so impressed with this library is the contradiction of the efficient realism of this architectural design, with the “twisted view” of the human needs, which is exercised, probably, by the majority of our humanity, today:

  • People irreconcilably believe that “reality” is, exclusively and statically, their own subjective and arbitrary interpretations of the “world”.

  • People irreconcilably believe that the dynamic consequences of their own dynamic actions and/or dynamic inaction have no causal relationships with them, as far as they can invent any verbally expressed, instrumentally “rational” and arbitrary excuses for those consequences and those actions and/or inaction.

The magnificent work of Werner Düttmann, reminded me the “clear view” which is frequently being manifested by the children and made me wonder, do we need to “see” the problems of our nations and of our humanity “through the eyes of a child” in order to creatively and peacefully resolve them?

For example, in European Union, we need solutions for the problems, of unemployment and of economic growth. Which might be the corresponding solutions if those problems were analyzed “through the eyes of a child”?

An arbitrary attempt to answer.

In some occasions, in order for achieving economic growth, it isn't necessary to increase the money supply.

By increasing the speed of money circulation, the “multiplier effect” is upgraded.

By unleasing “the forces of change” within an economic system, one may achieve an increase of the speed of money circulation.

For a decrease by 30% of the total energy consumption, within an economy, some structural and some dynamic change has to take place in this economy. For example, the transportation system, the production system, the raw materials and the degree of centrality, may have to become changed.

Within an economic system which perform a major optimization of, its transportation system, its production system, its raw materials and its degree of centrality, unemployment may become an almost incomprehensible notion, within this economy.

Through The Eyes Of A Child - Reamonn

Note: the photos were found here, here and here.

Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Πέμπτη, 12 Ιούνιος 2014 17:21