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Economic measures for Greece PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συνεννόηση για Δράση - Απόψεις
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Τετάρτη, 04 Δεκέμβριος 2013 05:32

It is imperative that, under the current economic crisis in Greece, the purchasing power of Greek citizens should be maintained between physiological limits.

For keeping purchasing power of Greek citizens, according to my opinion as an economist, before any other intervention within Greek economy, appropriate measures should be previously adopted so that the market's goods and services would be sold on competitive prices. And after that, adequate austerity measures and economy's reform measures could be adapted safely.

For achieving competitive prices it is imperative that we understand the notion of “basins of stability”:

Basins of Stability Principle

Complex systems have basins of stability separated by threshold of instability. A system 'parked' on a ridge will 'roll downhill'. [G. Nicholis & Ilya Prigogine, Self-Organization in Non-Equilibrium Systems]

Managerial implication: Organization have a limited number of stable configurations. An organization that is shifted out of a stable configuration will, seemingly by itself, gravitate toward one of the stable configurations.


- A marble on a hilly surface provides a good analogy; the marble is stable only at the bottom of a hollow.

- Some configurations of, for instance, staff performance and organizational reward system are stable and others are not.

- Basins of stability are separated by ridges that represent changes in energy potential. Thus, moving from one basin of stability to another requires work, even when the new basin is at a lower potential than the old.

- The ridges separating basins represent thresholds. Thus, while it may be very difficult to push a system 'up' a ridge, the moment it crosses the threshold it will continue without further external effort.

- In a human being, addictions (e.g., to heroin, cigarettes, alcohol) represent basins of stability that are generally considered undesirable. A life style without drug addiction is generally considered a 'better' basin of stability. Addictions are so troublesome precisely because they are surrounded by high ridges that are difficult to climb.

- Bateson points out that society, by practicing agriculture that is heavily dependent upon insecticides and large scale machinery, settles into a basin of stability that has very different consequences for both the natural and societal environment than would an agriculture based upon small scale firms and non-chemical control of pests.

[Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind]

An investment in one type of building (or in one technology or in one location) puts an organization in one basin of stability as compared to other possible plants, technologies, or locations.

[Barry Clemson, Cybernetics: a new management tool, Abacus Press, 1985, p. 220-221]

A market's equilibrium that is characterized with oligopoly's (or even monopoly's) profits represents a basin of stability. And that means that normally every attempt to shift this equilibrium, inevitably, “it” shall create adequate dynamic forces which will anticipate and in the end, cancel the initial effort for shifting the equilibrium.

By this analysis we may conveniently brake the one big problem (of economic crisis management) to two smaller, and more manageable sub-problems: 1. How to realize the market's equilibrium shift, and 2. How to stabilize the new market's equilibrium.

For shift the market's equilibrium we need to previously understand the notion of the “recursive systems”:

Recursive system theorem: If a viable system contains a viable system, then the organizational structure must be recursive, or, in a recursive organizational structure, any viable system contains, and is contained in, a viable system. [Ibid, p. 202]

For making equilibrium shifting we need previously to compare the structure and the dynamics of our own economic system with the corresponding of our economic environment's. If the intended equilibrium is incompatible with the structure or the dynamics of our meta-system's then for effectively shifting the equilibrium we need to upgrade the interaction (the relationship) between our economy and our environment's economy (between the system and the meta-system).

For stabilizing the new market's equilibrium we need to previously understand the notion of “viability':


Viability principle: Viability is a function of the balance maintained along two dimensions:

1. Autonomy of sub-systems versus integration of the system as a whole.

2. Stability versus adaptation.

[Stafford Beer, The Heart of Enterprise and Brain of the Firm]

Managerial Implication: Organizational effectiveness is a function of the balance maintained along two dimensions:

1. Autonomy of organizational units versus integration of the business as a whole.

2. Stability of operations versus adaptation to changing conditions.

[Ibid, p. 221]


By having previously establish a viable structure and dynamics for our economy we may expect that the private sector as well as the citizens shall recognize the new equilibrium as a desirable one and for this reason they probably reinforce its stability by various ways.

If we conclude that we need, an upgrading of our relationships with the global economy and also adequate adjustments at the structure and the dynamics of our economy for establishing the property of viability then how could we achieve those goals? For answering this we need to previously understand the notion of “requisite variety”:

Requisite variety law: The control achievable by a given regulatory sub-system over a given system is limited by 1) the variety of the regulator, and 2) the channel capacity between the regulator and the system. An alternate statement of the law is that the upper limit on the amount of regulation achievable is given by the variety of the regulatory system divided by the variety of the regulated system.

[W. Ross Ashby, Introduction to Cybernetics]

Managerial implication: The degree to which an organization can be regulated is limited by the variety of the organization's regulatory systems, including the management itself and all of the management systems and regulatory procedures utilized.

[Ibid, p. 216-217]


For upgrading the relationship of Greece's economy with the economies of the rest of the countries it might be useful if this process would be performed while having deeply understood the structure and the dynamics of each specific foreign country (namely, having access to at least one meta-linguistic level above the one which characterizes that country).

For establishing viability within Greece's economy it might be useful if this process would be performed while having deeply understood the structure and the dynamics of each specific stakeholder within our economy (namely, having access to at least one meta-linguistic level above the one which characterizes each stakeholder).

- Foreign countries need viability, peace, friendship and prosperity.

- Greeks need, viability, peace, friendship and prosperity.

- This is not a coincidence. We all want the same things. And because of this, peace, friendship and prosperity are, indeed, achievable goals.

- For achieving those goals we need to previously understand that specifically those goals can neither be achieved by demanding them nor by buying them.

The one and only way for achieving peace, friendship and prosperity is by offering them to the others.

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