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Framing Dissidents



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Creative Greeks

A pair of Dictatorships

Greece and perception of Time PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συνεννόηση για Ισορροπία - Απόψεις
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Τετάρτη, 16 Οκτώβριος 2013 15:05


There are exactly two ways for perceiving time: dynamically and statically.

Consequently, there are those who live their lives in accordance to a dynamic perception of time and the rest ones.

Static thinking makes people to identify themselves by comparing themselves with others. For this reason, these people live within a world which is composed of friends and enemies, namely within a world of violence. For this kind of thinking, every entity that results an unfavorable comparison must be eliminated or twisted. While every other entity that results a favorable comparison must be highlighted. Static thinkers are trying to change the world according to their own ambitions. From a historical perspective, as far as nations embody a static way of thinking, those nations have flawed a monolithic historical course and nothing more.

Dynamic thinking makes people to identify themselves by the qualities of their relationships with the other human beings as well as with all the rest of our material world. For this reason, these people live within a world which is composed with innumerable sources of knowledge, namely within a world of gratitude. For this kind of thinking, every entity is a quasi surface, on which, their minds simply projects their corresponding worldview and for this reason it is an opportunity for upgrading their understanding of both themselves and of our world. Dynamic thinkers live within a world of truth, peace and friendship while they try to prosper by letting their own way of perceiving reality to evolve creatively.

Greek civilization may be a quasi bridge between dynamic and static way of thinking. But be aware that, this bridge may be spiritually open only for those who come humbly and respectfully for receiving the Holly communion of ανθρωπιά and θεοσέβεια which are synonyms of dynamic thinking.

It is almost impossible for static thinkers to understand Greek civilization by only examining its external characteristics. The spiritual substance of my country cannot be reviled within the boundaries of language.

I inhabit the smallest country, the one with the smallest yard and the biggest pots, in the world. Irrigating those pots is a matter of the state. Gladdening them is my personal matter. Let us not forget that it took three hundred million years to perfect pansies and make each rose a princess. An eugenic where, every day, every bud is instantly outspreading to be kissed just before it rallies. Who are you? Come here to meet you. To see your teenage hair, the curve of your wave, your side-way’s gray-green eyes, the corner of your Rosemary, your Santa Claus coins and yours, maybe, early grand grandmother of your sorrow”. Odysseas Elytis

Greek civilization may be a quasi crucible that transforms hate, untruth and violence into ανθρωπιά and θεοσέβεια.

Ανθρωπιά and θεοσέβεια may lead people to frugality and self-sufficiency. Frugality and self-sufficiency may make people, families and nations, to become viable in many ways. And viability may make violence, lies and cruelty obsolete ways for people and nations to treat each other. And by treating each other with truth, love, honesty and respect they may sculpt a brighter fate for themselves, for their families and for their nations.

Ο Οδυσσέας Ελύτης σε συνέντευξη / Odysseas Elytis


Quality or quantity?

Truth, love and respect or dominion?

Frugality or material splendors?

Each man, each family and each nation gives an answer every second of this holy gift, our beautiful life.


Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Κυριακή, 06 Απρίλιος 2014 18:28