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Britney Spears Versus Ingrid Betancourt PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Παρασκευή, 02 Ιούλιος 2021 05:24

Rally calling for released of kidnapped Ingrid Betancourt



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Britney Spears Versus Ingrid Betancourt


The Colombian FARC used wooden cages as a prison-cell for imprisoning, as a hostage, the former candidate for the Colombia’s presidency, Ingrid Betancourt.

Instead, the U.S.A.’s government uses the atrocious “psychiatric” persecution (also, political-”psychiatry”) to criminally deprive their targeted victim, namely Britney Spears, from hers human-rights and thus, to impose upon her circumstances that they are, essentially, equivalent to those, of a hostage-situation.

The contemporary settler-colonizers they are after, the land; the resources; the children; and the future (meaning a genocide) of the indigenous populations, including the Greek one.

In order for them to achieve these goals, they establish an absolute control over their colonies’, justice / security-authorities / medical / pharmaceutical / political / mass-media / armed-forces / academic / food-chain, domains.

By absolutely controlling all of the above domains, the colonizers, namely the U2RIT, they are able to degrade down to the status of a solid material object, like they did to Britney Spears, any indigenous citizen who might resist against the genocidal-policies that, by definition, the settler-colonialism is applying against them.

In the case that, a reliable State offers to me the protection that is provided by the international laws, against the transnational organized-crime and against the transnational human-trafficking, then, I would publicly reveal, names, dates, and specific facts of the colonizing criminality that I present bellow, though, for the time being, without mentioning names and details, in order to protect my personal security.

Here is how the Americans, the British, and the Russians, they cooperate in perfect harmony in order to exclude Greek indigenous would-be political leaders from becoming directly involved in Greece’s politics:


- the Targeted-Individual (T.I.) has two parents alive, p.A., and p.B.

- the T.I.’s parents they poses an ordinary material wealth, including real-estate.

- colonizing criminals (C.C.) destroy the health of p.A. in order to minimize its physical mobility.

- C.C. deprive p.A., and p.B. from their entire material wealth through criminal fraud.

- p.B due to p.A.’s minimized mobility (crippling), start visiting public places like cafeterias, unaccompanied by p.A. and thus, becoming vulnerable to be “drugged and maddened from opiates beforehand”.

- C.C. become socially acquainted with p.B. in public places and they start covertly “drugging and maddening from oopiates beforehand” the p.B.

- C.C. offer to p.B. a public authority that demands the signing of a large number of formal documents, like for a random example the position of an honorary-consul. The p.B. accepts the offered public authority due to having been maddened by the C.C.

- C.C. offer administrative assistance to the p.B. in performing the public authority due, to p.B. having become partially helpless, from the drugging.

- C.C. give to p.B. a pile of formal documents for signing including in the pile, multiple white papers. Due to having been drugged, the p.B. unsuspectedly, signs the multiple white pages.

- the signed by p.B. white pages are being criminally used in order, by abusing the existing family-law, to legally deprive the T.I. from all of its human-rights, like in the Britney Spears case, and thus, reduce the T.I. to the level of a solid material object.

- the signed by p.B. white pages they are being criminally used in order for p.B. to become institutionalized to a mental-institution.

- C.C. murder p.A.

- all of the above mentioned, State’s and social, domains they willingly complicit to all of the crimes mentioned above.

- all of the European Union’s governments willingly and passively, they complicit to all of the crimes mentioned above.

- all of the rest indigenous Greek citizens, willingly and passively, they complicit to all of the crmes mentioned above.

- all of the rest indigenous Greek citizens which, they give birth to Greek babies, they impose to their children living circumstances for their future everyday lives of a quasi “colonial-cesspit”.


Concluding, the societies which, they remain indifferent about their own members which they are kept hostages, they do not have a future.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: U2RIT → Barbarity, Barbarity, and Barbarity.

Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Παρασκευή, 02 Ιούλιος 2021 05:29