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Legal Notice 182 Lumumba v2.0 (upd) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Legal Notice 182 Lumumba v2.0 (upd)


For once more, I declare that I have been involuntary brain-implanted with brain-locking remote-neural-monitoring electronics technology. Perpetrators of this heinous crime are, Greek speaking loyal to the British crone, non-uniformed members of the British or American armed forces.

During the past week, in at least two occasions and after having slept in the streets in my sleeping-bag, meaning totally vulnerable to becoming victimized in any way, I walk-up in the morning and I noticed sufficient indications that, during the previous night my human-rights they had been violated while illegal technical means they had been used in order for me to become anaesthetized. The most probable intentions of the perpetrators were, to fabricate humiliating and/or incriminating evidence against me.

Also in Europe, a common practice, of using certain marketing tools, has been, since long, adopted and they are offered to the citizens for free. In all the State’s public-utility buildings (public libraries, Universities, Post Offices, Town-Halls, Train stations, airports, etc.) there are free-access electricity-outlets for the citizens to recharge the batteries of, their mobile-phones, tablet-computers, laptop-computers, bicycle-batteries, medical-devices batteries, and in rare cases their cars’ batteries, etc.) and electric elevators, electric crawler-stairs, electric-dryers in the toilettes, free WiFi etc. And in all public-utility commercial, shops and retailer-chains the same marketing tools are being offered for free to the citizens, extended with the free recharging of car-batteries, in very few supermarkets. In extremely rare cases, there are forbidding labels or key-locks attached to certain electricity-outlets which constitute the very rare exception to the rule. In Europe and more specifically, in Germany, the citizens consume massively and unobstructed, the free services which correspond to the above mentioned marketing tool. With regard to these marketing tools thee is the rule and established custom, “whatever is not explicitly forbidden; it is allowed”. During the past few days and while, as all the other citizens did, I used these marketing tools in order to recharge my computer‘s batteries, I am systematically being harassed by unknown to me persons, by being called a thief of electricity and by being overtly and provocatively being videotaped during recharging my batteries.

Why this criminal activity is being perpetrated against me and why now?


1. Upgrading of my bare/rife machine

The initial version included a Velleman 1MHz pocket function generator. Consequently, only one curing frequency at a time could be employed; the frequency sweep mode could last only for 100 seconds; and the accuracy of the output frequency is 1 Hz (this accuracy is adequate mostly for the original Rife’s curing frequencies). Now I have just finished upgrading my bare/rife machine by substituting the function generator with the free software applications “Audacity” and “Lingot”. The Audacity offers, accuracy of 1/100 Hz, three (or more) curing frequencies can be, simultaneously, broadcast by the Citizen Band transceiver, while the frequency sweep mode can last as long as the machine’s operator chooses (in the commands listing of the plug-in at the appendix you may substitute the shown value ‘300’ for the variable "Duration (secs)" in order to set the maximum duration in seconds of the frequency sweep). For the frequency sweep mode, the Audacity application has to be extended by adding the plug-in (it can be easily found in the internet) which is presented at the appendix. By using the Audacity, installed in an Linux/Windows computer, you may generate an .wav file and put it in your mobile smart-phone. Then, by using the signal-adaptor cable, you connect the smart-phone to the CB transceiver, and by playing the .wav file at the smart-phone, the carrier 27 MHz frequency is being transmitted by the transceiver's antenna. This upgrading made my experimental bare/rife machine cheaper (around 120 euros). This advancement has risen more intensively the legal issue of, why, so many European cancer-patients’ lives, during the past 80 years, have been sacrificed after these patients they had been extremely tortured by administering to them needless and harmful chemotherapy drugs? And whether or not, all those, directly and/or indirectly, involved (oncologists, ministers of public health, pharmaceutical industry, human-rights organizations, governments, etc.) in this crime against humanity, they bare legal liability for their actions and/or negligence.


2. Recent public denunciation of legal evidence about the illegal confiscation of my real-estate in Greece.

The legal evidence about my real-estate illegal confiscation, undoubtedly, they could, and they should, lead to a global economic-embargo and political-isolation of the members of the informal settler-colonizing federation U2RIT.


3. Recent public denunciation of legal evidence about the assassination of Paschalis Tzatzanas, in Greece, by non-uniformed members of armed-forces.

The legal evidence about the Paschalis Tzatzanas (and probably also others of my neighbours) assassination, undoubtedly, they could, and they should, lead to a global economic-embargo and political-isolation of the members of the informal settler-colonizing federation U2RIT.


4. Recent public denunciation of how the crime against humanity of enforced births is being perpetrated and how the Greek social institutions have been adapted so that their main function has become the production of Greek slaves.

The legal evidence about the U2RIT’s heinous for the enslavement of the Greek Nation, undoubtedly, they could, and they should, lead to a global economic-embargo and political-isolation of the members of the informal settler-colonizing federation U2RIT.


5. Public exposure of the Max-Planck institute and the Deutsche Welle, participation in conducting improper/unethical propaganda.

According to my present knowledge, the Germans are honest and civilized; the Israel is an organizational entity dedicated to perpetrating illegal settler-colonialism and genocides, against other targeted Nations (e.g. Palestinians, Greeks-Macedonia, etc.); the Max-Planck institute is a joint Israel/Germany venture; after the WW2, one million German patents they were looted by the Americans; The German scientists, which most probably they are the best in the world, they were inhumanly exploited within the Operation-Paper-clip.

The above mentioned institute possesses the most advanced knowledge in Neuroscience while the global involuntary brain-implanting is the number one horror that, our human kind is currently suffering. By my public denouncing an unethical cooperation between, this institute and an international media, for propagating false information about non-existent alleged “mental-illness” and probably, for gang-stalking a political-dissident, I have probably uncovered a part of the method that is being used for the massive enslavement of the European citizens. In any case, I have indirectly risen the political issues of, how much productive and safe could ever be the exposing of the bright and genius German scientists to the Israeli potential influence and, which guaranties are there for the Israeli not to exploit this institutes advanced knowledge for pursuing catastrophic purposes against other innocent Nations and/or against our entire human-kind.


6. Public exposure of the European Union’s harbouring of the Greece’s dictatorship.

Dictatorships are, always, deadly. Financing monetarily a dictatorship and/or offering legitimacy to dictatorships unavoidably means complicity to massive assassinations.


7. Recent cancelling of worthing 5 billions euros military defence systems to Greece.

The U2RIT recently attempted, by selling ineffective and outdated military systems, which they are suitable only for a military museum, to create false impressions about the dictatorial and hybrid-occupied Greece (meaning to falsely present Greece as an alleged Sovereign Nation) in order to criminally legalize the Greece’s expected dismemberment after an imminent, instrumental war with the Turkey. After my public intervention, all related public dialogue was terminated, and the French which they seem to having lost a 5 billions euros sales contract, they probably prepare one more assassination attempt, against me.


Simultaneously, the European citizens they remain indifferent, about the Robert Naeslund’s revelations about the involuntary brain-implanting; about the revelations of the “psychiatric” genocide; About the crime against humanity of cancer-treatment; and about the inhumane political-persecution which the European freedom-fighter, myself including, we have to pass-through while our sacred and invaluable lives are being severely jeopardized. This indifference is atrocious and inhumane.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Some European governments seem to blame political-dissidents like me, for the outbreak of the “skamdemic”, while some European, armed forces and security authorities, they enjoy their generous salaries while forgetting their duties, patriotism, and civilization. These governments they, simultaneously, de facto designate as political-normality an alleged social equilibrium within which, many hundreds thousands innocent civilians die from curable (with the Dr Royal Rife technology) diseases.




;nyquist plug-in

;version 1

;type generate

;name "Frequency Sweep..."

;action "Producing frequency sweep..."

;info "by Adam Pope and Paul Schimmel"


;control startf "Start Frequency (Hz)" real "" 20 20 20000

;control endf "End Frequency (Hz)" real "" 20000 20 20000

;control duration "Duration (secs)" real "" 30 1 300

;control level "Level (dBFS)" real " " 0 -40 0

;control type "Sweep scale [1=Linear, 2=Exponential]" int "" 2 1 2


(if (= type 2)

(scale-db level (fmosc 0 (pwev startf duration endf))) (scale-db level (fmosc 0 (pwlv startf duration endf))) )

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