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Open-Letter to German Family Association (+5 video) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Δευτέρα, 18 Ιανουάριος 2021 16:04

Klaus Zeh German Family Association


Open-Letter to German Family Association (+5 video)


Dear President, Dr. Klaus Zeh,

In the Democratic societies, the ultimate Boss are the citizens themselves. Therefore, if and when, for circumstantial reasons (and despite the existing good-intentions on behalf of the governments), a State fails to protect the most vital foundation of the society, namely the human-rights, then, the citizens themselves become the last resort of those, the human-rights of which, they have/are being unjustly violated without getting any protection from the State.

Could, the German Family Association provide to me, please, a safe-house to stay, until I find a professional job here in Germany?

Currently, I am homeless and I sleep at nights, under -8 degrees Celsius, in a public telephone cabin.

I am a Greek political refuge, a victim/witness of transnational-organized-crime/human-trafficking, a political/human-rights activist, and a whistle-blower while, my first country Greece, is being governed by a dictatorship, suffers hers settler-colonisation, and other Nations attempt to dismember hers National Territory.

As such, legally, I am entitle for getting protection (safe-house, financial-aid, protection from extradition, protection from revenge-accusations, etc.) according to the related provisions of the international law (1. for the refuges, 2. against the transnational-organized-crime, 3. for the human-trafficking).

Unfortunately, though, the German State seems like being unable/unwilling to provide me protection, probably, due to the combination of: 1. the May 21th, 1949 treaty, 2. Existing questionable DE→GR loans, 3. DE’s dependency upon RU natural-gas, 4. international issue of child-organs/tissues smuggling, 5. existing political ties with Greek political regime’s members, 6. deeply established, in Germany, interests of the big Pharma’s (negative economic interests, against the Rife’s cancer cure propagation, and against exposing the pseudo-scientific character of the so-called “psychiatry”) and of Israel’s (indirectly rises claims against the Greece’s National Territory).

Actually, I was only offered the option to sleep in common room with other strangers (including alcohol-addicts, narcotic-addicts, ex-convicts, etc.) in private or public, facilities for homeless people; which they are, for severe security reasons, unsuitable for political-refuges, whistle-blowers, etc.

Without getting protection my personal security is being extremely jeopardized while, the most part of the Greek patriotic leaders, and most of the philanthropists whistle-blowers, like the Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, they have been assassinated by, in some occasions, “plausibly-deniable” criminal methods. And the rest of us, we suffer from long-run, political-persecutions, exiles, gang-stalking, zersetzen-tortures, deliberately caused illnesses, displacements, enforced-homelessness, slandering, etc.

I have always been, and continue being, innocent, legitimate, lawful, creative citizen and a philanthropist. And as such, I claim that I am entitled of my full human-rights.

I want to live.

And I believe that, beyond my human-rights, I deserve to live because it seems that I may be useful to the society, for the following reasons:

1. I struggle to contribute against the contemporary and genocidal settler-colonialism.

2. I struggle to contribute in propagating of the complete and non-invasive cure of cancer (Dr. Royal Rife’s “Rife-Machine, George Lakhovsky’s “Multi-Wave Oscillator”, “Bare/Rife-Machine”.

3. I struggle to contribute against the illegal and inhumane 21th, May 1949 treaty.

4. I struggle to contribute against any obstacle towards the DE<->GR friendship.

5. I struggle towards contributing in upgrading, the German farmer’s economic efficiency; and the Germany’s food/beverages self-sufficiency/safety.

6. I struggle to contribute against any obstacle towards the DE-language’s positive evolution.

7. I ultimately struggle to contribute for the Germany’s freedom and its society’s democratic character.

Due to the current extreme and life-threatening circumstances of my everyday life, I look forward for your prompt reply.



Christos Boumpoulis



mobile-S.M.S.: +41762833777


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