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The Greek Patriots Are Being Murdered For Greece To Become Settler-Colonized - Outlawry PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συνεννόηση για Δράση - Απόψεις
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Σάββατο, 16 Ιανουάριος 2021 17:31

Ευρωπαϊκό Δικαστήριο: Ο Κ. Τσαλικίδης δολοφονήθηκε






Γιάννος Κρανιδιώτης: Υπήρξε ευλογία για την Κύπρο | AlphaNews Live | AlphaNews






The Greek Patriots Are Being Murdered For Greece To Become Settler-Colonized - Outlawry


The settler-colonizing countries (U.K., U.S.A., Russia, Israel, and Turkey murder the Greek patriotic leaders and would-be leaders in order to find no domestic resistance in committing against Greece and Cyprus the international crime of settler-colonialism.

Israel attempts, while using FYROM and George Soros to de facto annex the Greece’s territory of Macedonia. Also, it cooperates with the Russia and the U.K. for de facto annexing the Thrace area.

The U.K., while using Turkey, attempts to loot a part of the Cyprus’ and Greece’s mineral wealth.

For this reason and beyond any reasonable doubt, the U.K. and the rest, they murdered, Kostas Tsalikidis, Socratis Giolias, Giannos Kranidiotis, arch. Christodoulos, Tassos Papadopoulos, Sarantos Kargakos, Neoklis Sarris, Malvina Karali, and many others.

Now, they have turned against me and beyond any reasonable doubt, they have, illegally and arbitrarily, sentenced me with the, essentially, death-penalty of outlawry. And practically, they have exercised influence over most of the E.U. governments in order for them, illegally, to exclude me from the protection of the law, contrary to the facts that I am, a political dissident; a witness/victim of the transnational-organized-crime/human-trafficking; a whistle-blower.

More specifically, Russia and France, on 2012 at Paris, attempted twice to politically assassinate me. One of the assassins was harboured in the E.U. administration in order to illegally gain a legal immunity. In order for me not to denounce publicly the identities of the assassins, France abuses the May 21th, 1949 treaty, and Russia abuses the European dependency upon the Russian natural gas in order to, de facto, impose to the E.U.’s governments illegal compliance towards the above mentioned outlawry against me.

On 13/01/2021, 23:34 at Konstanz, I was sleeping in a public telephone cabin. A police patrol came and, forbid me to sleep any other night in a telephone-cabin and ordered me to go tomorrow morning at the citizens-office at the town-hall and to request a place to sleep.

On 14/01/2021, at the morning, if I understood well, I was informed by the town-hall officers that, the only option I had was, to sleep, in one room, with other unknown citizens, probably alcohol-addicts, narcotics-addicts, ex-convicts, mental-patients, etc., at a State’s facility for homeless people. I refused, and I went to Austria.

On 14/01/2021, at Hoechst, Austria, at the local police Station, I was advised to seek for a safe place to sleep at Jahnplatz 4, Feldkirch, Astria. I went there and it was a private facility for homeless where I could sleep in common room with others (drug-addicts, etc.). I refused and I went to St. Margarethen, Switzerland.

On 15/01/2021, at the town-hall of St. Margarethen I was advised to seek for political asylum at the State’s office for asylum, at the Altstaetten, Switzerland.

On 15/01/2021, I was informed by the officials at the office for asylum, at Altstaetten that, if I would apply for granting an asylum, in Switzerland, I had to sleep in common rooms with other asylum-seekers (including e.g. drug-addicts, etc.). I refused and left.

For once more, I declare:

- I am innocent

- I am legitimate and lawful

- I am a legitimate political dissident

- I am a legitimate witness/victim of the transnational-organized-crime/human-trafficking

- I am a legitimate whistle-blower

- I am mentally totally healthy

- I have exceptional professional abilities

- I own two real-estates

- I am a Greek and quasi German, patriot.

Consequently, I do not deserve to be treated, by the European governments as if I was a garbage.

And from the European citizens, towards those which criminally neglect to support me (and the others like me) by protesting, etc., they better realize that, a genocide is going on within Europe and that, no one assures them that they may be the next victims.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: From what it seems, the E.U.’s governments and the settler-colonizing rogue States, they, jointly, attempt to slander me as being allegedly “crazy” in order to illegally and immorally, institutionalize me.





In historical legal systems, an outlaw is one declared as outside the protection of the law. In pre-modern societies, all legal protection was withdrawn from the criminal, so that anyone is legally empowered to persecute or kill them. Outlawry was thus one of the harshest penalties in the legal system. In early Germanic law, the death penalty is conspicuously absent, and outlawing is the most extreme punishment, presumably amounting to a death sentence in practice. The concept is known from Roman law, as the status of homo sacer, and persisted throughout the Middle Ages.

In the common law of England, a "Writ of Outlawry" made the pronouncement Caput lupinum ("Let his be a wolf's head", literally "May he bear a wolfish head") with respect to its subject, using "head" to refer to the entire person (cf. "per capita") and equating that person with a wolf in the eyes of the law: not only was the subject deprived of all legal rights of the law being outside the "law", but others could kill him on sight as if he were a wolf or other wild animal.[citation needed] Women were declared "waived" rather than outlawed but it was effectively the same punishment.



Assassination of Sokratis Giolias

The assassination of Sokratis Giolias took place 19 July 2010 when Giolias, a Greek investigative journalist and broadcaster, was shot approximately 15 times at close range outside his home in Ilioupoli, Athens. The identities of the gunmen are unknown, but the weapons used were linked to previous attacks by the Sect of Revolutionaries, one of the deadliest ultra leftist terrorist groups currently active in Greece.Giolias was the first reporter to be murdered in Greece in over 25 years.



NSA involvement in the death of Kostas Tsalikidis

The NSA Behind Costa's Death? Intercept has published an article that will make a dent in Greece. …

One day before his death, Kostas' boss at Vodafone had ordered the deactivation of a powerful and sophisticated malware that had been discovered in the company's systems. Malware was spying on strangers, targeting 100 top officials of the Greek government, including Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, his wife, Natasha, the Mayor of Athens, members of the Ministerial Council of Ministers, and journalists. Malware not only collected the top secrets of the country, but also more personal conversations.

The question was, who did it?

For a year, the espionage case remained a secret, but when it finally saw the light of publicity, it was regarded as Greece's Watergate. The newspapers called it "a huge scandal."

At the heart of the scandal was the dark side of 2004's summer Olympic Games that took place in Athens. While athletes competed for medals and millions of people watched, the spies were reportedly watching everything by violating the country's largest telecommunications systems.

A decade later, Kostas' death was reported as a result of the actions of a secret US operation in Greece.

Last February, the Greek authorities issued an international arrest warrant for a CIA official. The warrant went unnoticed by the American press, and it was an almost unprecedented energy from an allied country.

The officer, named William George Basil, is charged with espionage and espionage. Of course he had already left the country, and the US government, as usual, denies any involvement.

The Greek categories only touch the surface, and William George Basil can only be a guilty man. A survey by Intercept has revealed not only the role of the CIA but also of the NSA. The survey reveals that the entire business was conducted.

The research began with the production of a documentary about PBS NOVA. It is attacked via the internet and its projection is scheduled on October 14. It includes several interviews, but also exclusive access to high-grade NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

Intercept, along with the Kathimerini newspaper, asked more than two dozen people who are well aware of the telephone tapping case.

Many of those interviewed agreed to speak on the condition that they would not name their names, apparently afraid of criminal prosecution. While some questions remain, the evidence suggests that a huge illegal spy program led to Kostas' tragic death.