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Settler-Colonialism – Meat-Grinder – Elizabeth’s-Pirates - Children-Organs-Tissues


Settler-colonialism is the criminal confiscation, by the settler-colonizing Nations, of the targeted Nations’ land, resources, children (smuggling of human organs/tissues, slaves, involuntary human experimentees, etc.), and future (meaning genocide); through migrating, as supposed “settlers” to the targeted Nations’ land, a non-uniformed army which is consisted by “drugged and maddened from opiates beforehand” hybrid-soldiers, and then, supporting them with, money, non-conventional weapons, intelligent-services, and political support in order for them, after having occupied the targeted-Nations’ gate-keeping positions within these States’ infrastructures, to apply genocidal policies against the indigenous populations.

From such a settler-colonialism Greece, my first fatherland, suffers for more than six decades.

The settler-colonizers, meaning the U2RIT, specifically towards Greece, they exhibited such an almost outwardly voracity that, in the imaginary case that, a Nobel prize for voracity existed, they, definitely, would had become Nobel laureates.

In Greece, the British settler-colonialism, in order to secure a quasi “vast” supply of Greek children to use, for smuggling their organs/tissues, for involuntarily using them for conducting involuntary human-experimentation, for enslaving them, and for using them as sex-slaves, it used a modernized version of the “good-old” method of the so-called “Elizabeth’s Pirates”.

Many Greek children suffered from the British settler-colonialism, among them myself (when I was young and continue due to gang-stalking) also.

The British settler-colonialism remains vulnerable to the negative publicity, for many reasons, including its being interlinked with the international banking-system. For this reason, the necessity to cover-up its monstrosities remains one of its first priorities.

For example, when, the British had to formally terminate their colonization of India they managed to leave behind them an unimaginably lethal chaos (pls see Youtube “How Britain Stole $45 Trillion from India with Trains | Empires of Dirt” - www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_jGPf764d0 ).

Similarly, the Greece’s quasi “Elizabeth’s Pirates” and their hybrid-troops, in order to cover-up their atrocities against defenceless Greek civilians they commit a “plausibly-deniable” pogrom against the Greek, patriots, anti-colonialism and political and human-rights activists. At this criminal endeavour they manifest such an extreme talent that, in case they might, somehow, find themselves unemployed, they could quit easily find a job as butchers and excel.

The past few months, the dictatorial regime which rules, on the British settler-colonialism’s behalf, Greece shows strong indications that, very soon it is probably going to downfall; while, the U2RIT’s five member-States, for various reasons, they seem to suffer from a temporary lacking of political-maneuverability.

Simultaneously, according to my present knowledge, there is a significant chance that, the Greek voters, in case of the Greece’s current political-regime’s supposed downfall, they might offer political support to a political-dissident which is also a British settler-colonialism’s long-term victim; meaning, myself.

The British know in advance the political-consequences of one of their victims potentially becoming the Greece’s political governor and thus, they shall use every (illegal) means they possess in order to forbid any of their indigenous Greek victims to politically advance.

Concluding, I wish to inform the public opinion, and to publicly denounce that, the past few weeks I receive repetitive, credible, though “plausibly-deniable” death threats originating from the Greece’s human-trafficking mafia. Simultaneously, I am subjected to an unusually extreme form of criminal gang-stalking. Therefore, if, hopefully not, anything bad happen to me during the next few months, responsible are, named by me members of the above mentioned mafia and the British government.


Christos Boumpoulis





Νεοκλής Σαρρής «στην Ελλάδα διώκεται ο πατριωτισμός»






«Επιζητείται ο τεμαχισμός της Ελλάδας» - Τα δάκρυα του ιστορικού Σ. Καργάκου και οι αποκαλύψεις του



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