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Food Safety – Dissidents – Supermarkets – Psychiatric-Genocide PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Παρασκευή, 04 Σεπτέμβριος 2020 21:56

Putin’s Spy Games, Suspicious “Suicides,” and Creative Murders


Food Safety – Dissidents – Supermarkets – Psychiatric-Genocide


Two incidents inspired me this present article:

1. Anna Politkovskaya - Poisoning

While flying south in September 2004 to help negotiate with those who had taken over a thousand hostages in a school in Beslan (North Ossetia), Politkovskaya fell violently ill and lost consciousness after drinking tea given to her by an Aeroflot flight attendant. She had reportedly been poisoned, with some accusing the former Soviet secret police poison facility.


2. Earlier today on 04/09/2020, while I was standing at a public place, an unknown to me, Greek speaking citizen, somehow recognized that I was a Greek, he spoken to me and as he saw my impoverished clothes, he attempted to treat me two packages of chocolates. As being a political dissident, more or less like the Anna Politkovskaya, I though that, for security reasons I should politely refuse and so I did. But, since the man insisted, I took the chocolates in order not to offend him and when he left, I thrown the offered chocolates into the first garbage can I saw.

Main Subject

Food Safety

A minimum level of mutual trust among the member of a Nation is an absolute prerequisite in order for this Nation to be eligible for Civilization and Democracy.

The U2RIT, by institutionalizing, within some of its targeted Nations (e.g. Greece), both massive as well as targeted, food poisoning, it perpetrates bio-terrorism and thus, it eliminates the mutual trust among its members.


The European political-dissidents, among them myself, are being extremely endangered and exposed also to the threat of food poisoning.

More specifically, I have survived, at least, three murder against me attempts through food poisoning. One was at Athens 2006 and the perpetrator D.K. was linked also to Russia. The other two were at Paris, France 2012 and most of the perpetrators were linked also to Russia.

Consequently, I strongly advice the European political-dissidents to eat/drink exclusively products bought from large supermarkets while applying specific security-protocols.


Greece: I have publicized and reported to the Greek and other European Law Enforcement authorities evidence of genocide of food-poisoning, at some Greek supermarkets. And according to my knowledge, these authorities have done nothing about my public denunciations. (Open Letter to Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister - 28/10/2019 - http://agorapoliton.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2432:open-letter-to-boris-johnson-british-prime-minister-28-10-2019&catid=27:apopseis&Itemid=62 ).


In Greece, systematically and at least from the early ‘70s and then, the dictatorial political regime which rules Greece, on behalf of the British settler-colonialism, from 1967 until today, destroys any innocent and sane Greek citizen which they don’t like, for any political or otherwise reason, by slandering them as allegedly “mental cases” and then by illegitimately institutionalizing them to the supposed “psychiatric”-institutions. For doing so, they poison the targeted citizens with liquid or vapours of mercury and/or other neurotoxic substances in order to trigger abnormal behaviours, on the victims’ behalf and to deliberately misinterpret these induced behaviours in order to fabricate false “psychiatric”-diagnoses against their victims. Vapours of mercury were produced by their injecting liquid mercury into cigarettes and cigars. Typical, initial reactions, on the victims behalf, was, overconsumption of pain-killer pills and the manifestation of stomach ulcers. Some chemical forms of mercury were put into drinking-straws. Yesterday I made a short research over the Internet and I found references of mercury having been abused for slandering as “mental-cases” of sane citizens, also, at other than Greece countries. The Nobel laureate, great Greek Poet George Seferis died from stomach ulcers after his having publicly and indirectly denounced that, the members of the Greek Nation they are being systematically food poisoned ( Στο μεταξύ, μας σκοτώνουν με μικρές δόσεις, πολύ ταχτικά, πολύ σιωπηλά, πολύ σοφά https://apodyoptes.com/2017/01/11/giorgos-seferis-mas-skotwnoyn-se-mikres-doseis-maria-lydia-kiriakidoy/ ).


I am located in Germany.

I have conveyed to all formal European Authorities that I know horrible evidence about the criminal, British settler-colonialism against Europe and I provided evidence which, according to my opinion, over-justified my legal right to claim protection related to the existing international law (political-asylum, transnational organized crime). But, instead of granting vital protection, the European authorities have left me, jobless and homeless, in the streets of Europe while, according to my long experience and detailed observations, the U2RIT’s non-uniformed (drugged and maddened from opiates beforehand) colonizing-army’s members, seemingly, struggle hard to frame and slander my by any way they can.

And in order to speak more directly, from what it seems, the Russian-Mafia, by employing, for many decades, entryism, food-poisoning, induced-sickening, human-organs/tissues smuggling, brain-implanting, and gang-stalking (making forged incriminating evidence against security/political officials), they have subjugated almost the entire European Security/Political institutions through having terrorized, each and every European official; officer; citizen.

The European population, according to my opinion, it does not deserves to remain subjugated to the Russian Bolsheviks.

The European patriotic political-dissidents, myself including, we do not deserve to be tortured by the innumerable criminal thugs which, 24/7 they may attempt to frame us while they are so audacious that they even attempt to slander us as allegedly being “guilty” of those crimes which, ourselves address against to the U2RIT. For example, due to the European security authorities “decommissioning” it is the Russian-Mafias established pattern of criminal behaviour to slander, the whistle-blowers which expose the Russian-Mafia’s specific crimes, as being alleged “perpetrators” of these specific crimes.

Concluding, I inform the reader that, due to Russian-Mafias criminality over the European soil, these criminals have totally wasted my life’s years, from age 13 until today age 56. This is unjust. I am innocent, legitimate, harmless and creative and thus, I didn’t deserved such a catastrophe.

Therefore, I urge the European citizens, now that they are still alive to, immediately, rise-up and to terminate the European Continent’s settler-colonization.

Christos Boumpoulis





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