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Framing Dissidents



Location: Berlin, Germany

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Ignorance Is No More An Excuse PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Κυριακή, 14 Ιούνιος 2020 20:52

Nero punishes the Christians, Scene from Quo Vadis (1951)






!!!!!!Tasmanian Genoside!!!!



My Cancer Is Worse Than Ever - Scan Results



Ignorance Is No More An Excuse


Janine Triumphant Individual

Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα (τροποποιήθηκε)

Do you ever wonder why this program of organized stalking and harassment relies heavily on isolating us as targeted individuals? The straight forward answer is it is all about control. Abusers isolate their victims from friends and family to control and victims are more easily controlled in mind and body when they don’t have trusted confidants to turn to.

Don't allow yourself to be controlled by a false narrative or projection created by your abusers.



Πριν από 5 ημέρες

My whole family has been taken from me.I have never really had any friends.The few family members that do deal with me i try to keep at an arms length so as not to trouble their lives.Its hard to understand.The isolation tactic is to try to get you to kill yourself.Im not doing it no matter how hard it gets Im not giving them the satisfaction.


Janine Triumphant Individual

Πριν από 5 ημέρες

Stay strong and continue to persevere, GOD Bless.


Amanda Martin

Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

I have a great judgment of people. They are not controlling friends and family, only the paid ones. I want them to believe I have no one but personally I don't need anymore bs in my life. Being alone doesn't means loneliness. I'd rather be by myself any day than to be around someone who hates/jealous of me for no reason!


Roger Bonilla

Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

No I just know their time is short, and their electronic network and their algorithm and everything wicked is going along with them.



Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

Hang in there, we will make it through this. We always do, right?



Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

It’s a process! We have to seek God. The Bible teaches us to put on our Full Armor, as we grow in knowledge we gain the tools to fight this spiritual battle. God did not give us a spirit of fear. It’s a fight, but we know the outcome GOD WINS!


No freedom censored

Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

How in the heck do you make people include you when you are terribly slandered??..

What your saying makes no sense to a truly targeted person. Absolutely no one will

Listen or get involved --- except to help the perps frame me for something. !!


Janine Triumphant Individual

Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

You don't "make" people include you. If people can easily be swayed away from you based off of slander, then do you really need them in your life? They cannot fool all of the people all of the time.


No freedom censored

Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

@Janine Triumphant Individual exactly. Thats the point. If you are slandered no one, absolutely no one will risk being your friend or being seen with you. Thats how perps isolate people.


Janine Triumphant Individual

Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

No freedom censored That's unfortunate for those who are mind controlled and told how to think about life and others.


No freedom censored

Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

@Janine Triumphant Individual lot of good that does me. Are you aware that crime controls

Most of the US. ?? They control everything. Because they work covertly. Intergated into society.

We have refugees from organized crime--- innocent men and women-- harassed by

society because of the stupid people listening to them instead Of listening to people like you and I.

I guess I vented enough. Keep up your great desire to help and God bless.


Janine Triumphant Individual

Πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

No freedom censored Trust and believe their time is just about up. Seconds to the end in the grand scope of things. But thank you and GOD Bless you as well.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgytvamoZae9WhaTVYF4AaABCQ


From around 1977 until 1999, I was gang-stalked and isolated because I was a designated by the Greece’s settler-colonizers, as a victim of involuntary human experimentation and of involuntary human harvesting. During that period, I was involuntary brain-implanted with brain-locking and remote-neural-monitoring technology.

From 1999 until 2006, I was gang-stalked and isolated because I started openly to realize that I had been victimized by the “drugged and maddened from opiates beforehand” Greece’s colonizing-settlers.

From 2006 until 2013, I was gang-stalked and isolated by the Greece’s colonizing-settlers because I refused becoming corrupted and because I manifested undeniable professional effectiveness.

From 2013 until today (June 14th, 2020), I am being gang-stalked and isolated, by the United Kingdom’s network of pan-European oppression, meaning the MI5, because I filed a lawsuit against, also, members of the Greece’s colonizing-settlers.

From May 1st, 2014, when I fled Greece due to attempted against me political persecution, until today, I suffer, in the northern Europe, the hardships of homelessness, induced poverty and heavy gang-stalking, though I am a lawful and innocent citizen, though I am owner of Greek real-estate and while, I small monetary income originating from real-estate’s rent, is being stolen.

Like myself, millions others innocent and lawful citizens also suffer, equally if not worst hardships due to being, arbitrarily, subjected, by the contemporary settler-colonizing States, to the criminal and death program of gang-stalking.

And all the rest part of our human-kind knows, or its is obliged to have been informed (because now, superfluous related information and evidence have been made available for anyone to access), about our unjust and inhumane sufferings.

Therefore, I claim that, for all those citizens of the international community which, passively, keep watching our sufferings and they do nothing to rescue us, ignorance is no more an excuse. And I also claim that, the discrimination between, those who retain their natural human trait of empathy, from those who they don’t, is made obvious.


Christos Boumpoulis



Alanis Morissette - Empathy (OFFICIAL VIDEO)