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Emergency Measures for Greece (corr.) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συνεννόηση για Δράση - Απόψεις
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Κυριακή, 05 Απρίλιος 2020 23:09
Consolidation of Power Through a Crisis (Greek Subs)

Emergency Measures for Greece

The outbreak of a serious epidemic within a country, namely Greece, jeopardizes the lives of many civilians. For this reason, its management should never be left upon a criminal regime which perpetrates, according to the reliable public testimonies of George Kasimatis, George Ayfantis and others, a lethal dictatorship, on behalf of the British settler-colonialism.

And the outbreak itself, as it manifests within a context which is dominated by the same instincts that, in the past, they perpetrated the Tasmanian Nation's extinction, its potentially, causal relationship with the contemporary settler-colonialism and/or the greatest treason of all times, meaning the massive and involuntary brain implanting with brain-locking, remote neural monitoring technology, should be thoroughly investigated.

For the above reasons and specifically for Greece, I wish to propose the following emergency measures for coping with the Covid-19 epidemic:


- Immediate overthrowing of the dictatorial regime which perpetrates the settler-colonization of Greece and the establishment of an indigenous, patriotic Greek government.

- Toxicologic (to check for traces of toxic chemicals and lethal biological elements) investigation and necropsy (to check for brain-implants) to the (alleged ?) victims of Covid-19.

- The armed forces should undertake the control and partially the operation (along with the age 17 - 22 indigenous Greek youth) of all the supermarkets and of some of the mini-markets.

- For the next five years, the supermarkets and the above mentioned, few mini-markets, should be the only shops were the Greeks shall be able to buy, food, beverages and bottled water; everything else should be permanently excluded (coffee-shops, restaurants, kiosks, vending-machines, bakery/pastry-shops, etc.).

- For the next five years tourism in Greece should be allowed exclusively with camper vehicles the external surface of which should be made by diamagnetic materials.

- The Greek families should all be provided with a complete set of settler-colonialism's counter-measures including a citizen-band transceiver equipped for digital and encrypted telecommunication.

- For the next five years, all the private sector's mass media should be banned and they should be replaced by mass media which shall be controlled by the armed forces and operated by circulating and randomly chosen, ordinary, indigenous Greek citizens.

- the private security companies should be banned.

- An immediate nationalization of the followings should take place: pharmaceutical/medical/food/beverages/banking domains.

- An immediate evaluation of their suitability, of all the Greeks who are being paid by public money, should take place and replacements should be made wherever it is necessary.

- Granting of Greek citizenship and granting of Greek nationality, they should all rolled-back to year 1967 and re-examined as new.

- A suitable infrastructure should be established for all the Greeks to be able to voluntarily resort for finding out whether they have unsuspectedly become transhumanized.

- An immediate termination of the diplomatic relationships should be made with the, UK, USA, Russia, and Israel.

- Greece should leave from, NATO, U.N., E.U., I.C.C.o.H. and establish bilateral diplomatic relationships with Germany and other civilized States.

- All the foreign investments in Greece which materialize, foreign or domestic, vital interests, should be terminated; Germany is excluded from this measure.

- The entire medical system should be redesigned in order to exclude, as much as possible, from Greece, the illness, the disability and the early-death.


As far as I am concerned, I did my duty towards, my fellow Greek citizens and my fellow European citizens, meaning that I disclosed to European Security authorities legal evidence, about the genocide against the Greeks through also some of the Greek supermarkets, about specific crimes which were committed in Greece by colonising-settlers and against innocent Greek citizens and children, and about the criminal settler-colonization of Greece, which is a E.U.’s member-State.

Simultaneously, as being a Greek political-refuge and a legitimate whistle-blower and, according to legal evidence, my father Panagiotis Bompolas was murdered and my mother Olga Bompolas is being kept as quasi hostage, both due to Greece’s settler-colonization, I requested from the German State’s authorities for legitimate protection and for a political asylum. As nothing of them was provided to me, I remain exposed to the ordinary British-colonialism’s threats, meaning a potential forged revenge-accusation, a potential forged-witness’ accusation, a potential framing of any kind, in short the threat of gang-stalking. A small income that I have from my real-estate is being stolen in Greece and the Greek police did nothing to protect me.

Recently, my car’s insurance contract was expired and I had to rely to the charity of unknown to me donors for paying for its renewal.

According to my present knowledge, my participation to Greece’s politics and as the political repression has “silenced” all other Greek patriots, it constitutes the leftover of the Greek political opposition. Furthermore, the political controversy in Greece regards mineral wealth which worth between four (4) and seven (7) trillion euros which, the British settler-colonialism overtly attempts to confiscate. This means that, for the settler-colonizers, my “fallen head” worth, at least many hundreds millions euros. Therefore, I ask, how many e.g. forged-witnesses, criminal scammers, murderers, etc. can, the British, recruit, e.g. among the drug-addicts, the jobless, the loan-debtors, etc., for unjustly putting me to prison, or, institutionalizing me, or, imposing an illness on me, or, even murdering me?

Consequently, I believe that, my having been left to the streets, homeless, defenceless and unprotected, it is merely, scandalous and inhumane and that it violates the international law regarding the political refuges; and also, that it teaches the society that, whoever dares to fulfil his duty towards the society’s security against the settler-colonialism’s threat, s/he is going to deliberately and involuntarily become sacrificed in order for the settler-colonialism’s perpetrators to become pleased. The blood of those who died for us, like Leena-Rauni Luukanen-Kilde, Bernd Seiffert, archib. Christodoulos, etc., lays on the hands also, of those who did nothing to rescue them. Therefore, hopefully not, in the future, my own “blood” may lay also, on the hands of those from whom I ask for help and they persistently keep their ears closed.

Concluding, I wish to express my subjective belief that, the human life is sacred and invaluable and as such, it should enjoy, at least, little more priority than, the TV soap-operas (e.g. "Γιάγκος Δράκος", etc.) and any potential, geostrategic "soap-operas", even if they may cause casualties which they are just a tiny-fraction of all the previous settler-colonialism's serial genocides.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Available in the Internet, there is vast and reliable, public and named information which documents that the U2RIT perpetrates a hybrid-war against “targeted” (as myself) and in many cases involuntarily brain-implanted (again like myself), legitimate civilians. The European State authorities are obliged to offer them legitimate protection.


Millions Rescued - Mission Accomplished

Abstract: The European population, to the extent that wants to remain alive, healthy and free, it should organize its effective defenses against the settler-colonialism, also, by empowering its honest members and simultaneously, by making powerless, its dishonest members. Concluding, I wish to express my opinion that, the international crime of settler-colonialism remains the root-cause of the Europe’s major problems thus, the Europeans should consider that nothing else matters more than restoring freedom within the European Continent.

In Darkness, Light Persists | (INDIA)

Millions Rescued - Mission Accomplished


Open Letter to Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister – 28/10/2019
therefore, I believe that I am entitled to kindly ask you to publicly inform the international community about, the actual purpose of code-words (please see the exhibit below, “dice-ΖΑΡΙ” being included within the payment-receipts which Greek supermarkets issue to their Greek customers.
In case that a prompt reply, on yours behalf, shall not be publicly given and in case that the requested purpose might be known to me, I reserve the right to publicly inform myself, about the requested purpose, the international community.

Message to the International Community 1/11/2019

A genocide of poisoning is being perpetrated against the, inhabiting the northern Greece, citizens.
The reasons are, the overall settler-colonisation of Greece; and the immense monetary wealth of Kirki village’s mine copper’s reserves.
The mass poisoning of the citizens is being perpetrated also through the food chain by more than one ways.
One of these ways is related with some of the local supermarkets.
These specific supermarkets are selling both normal and poisoned foods and drinks.
During the check-out, some of the customers are being covertly warned not to consume certain of the products which they just bought. Including key-words like “ΖΑΡΙ” at the payment-receipt is one of the ways of such warnings.
Also, during the check-out, some of the customers may be deliberately destructed by the supermarket’s employees in order for them to not notice the covert tampering of certain of the products which they bought.
These poisoned foods and drinks could be consumed also by children.
The settler-colonisers perpetrate the genocide of poisoning during the past many centuries, against each and every colonised by them Nation. Therefore, only hypocrites and idiots are entitled to become surprised.
I do not exclude neither, the possibility of knowing some of the rest ways of, poisoning and warning, nor, the possibility of knowing similar cases of mass poisoning of other European Nations.

Human lives gambled on dice

Main Subject

The Statistics includes the Probability Theory; and the Probability Theory includes the notion of the Mathematical Hope.
In general, Mathematical Hope is the result of the multiplication of the probability an incident to happen times the quantitative consequences of this incident.
All people consider, to a different degree each one, their own human life as being important.
Most of the people consider as being very important the material wealth.
And many people who possess much material wealth value their own human lives even more, because of this excessive material wealth.
According to Historical facts, mass poisoning remains one of the contemporary settler-colonizing Nations’ fundamental genocidal policies.
Within a settler-colonized Nation, in order for the mass poisoning to be effective, its members should remain unsuspected about it.
The less members that may suspect that a mass-poisoning is being perpetrated, the smaller the statistical probability it is, for this genocidal-policy to become revealed.
The expected consequences of, during our days, such a genocidal-policy to become proven and exposed publicly is, at least a diplomatic marginalization of the perpetrators, and at most a world-war.


In Greece, most of the supermarkets are owned by the so-called “markets”.
In the rest of the Europe, most of the supermarkets are owned also by the “markets”.
On October 28th, 2019, public disclosure of evidence, which prove that, some supermarkets in Greece they are selling also poisoned foods and beverages, was taken place.
This disclosure, can’t be otherwise, has been propagated all over Europe.
For an wealthy family, buying a set of the best existing equipment, for inspecting food and beverages, is no trouble at all; and dedicating one or two people for systematically gathering samples of food and beverages, originating from arbitrarily chosen locationsss of their country, is also no trouble at all.
The minute that the information about the Greek supermarkets was disclosed was the time-frame when, the contemporary settler-colonizers were forced to choose between, either, causing the third world war, or, terminating their genocidal policy of mass-poisoning, in Greece and potentially, in other European States.

Europe - Open Your Heart (Intro "Can't Help Falling In Love" (Live In Viña del Mar 2018)

Mass-poisoning makes innocent civilians sick and then, causes the death of some of them.
By the medical treatment of sick people, the pharmaceutical and medical domains earn billions euros of profits. And by the treatment of those who died, the related economic domain earns also a lot of money.
My estimation, within a time horizon of the next ten years, is that, the disclosures about the Greek supermarkets may have rescued both, the lives, as well as, the good health, of multi-millions innocent European citizens. This estimation may takes into account also information which I may possess and haven’t disclosed it due to my personal security issues.  

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - 7/24/1999 - Woodstock 99 East Stage (Official)

The settler-colonizers are settler-colonizers. And as such, they systematically make agreements, which include arbitrary and unspoken terms and even worst, which they never keep.
Therefore, it seems to me as being highly unlike that, they are going to passively accept the alleged economic losses, due to their genocidal-policy termination.
Due to the settler-colonizing Nations’ past and long history of committing genocides, I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that, in order for them to recover their, allegedly, lost monetary profits, they might  fabricate some other kind of, “plausibly deniable”, genocidal-policy for perpetrating against a part of the European population.
Consequently, the European population, to the extent that wants to remain alive, healthy and free, it should organize its effective defenses against the settler-colonialism, also, by empowering its honest members and simultaneously, by making powerless, its dishonest members.
Concluding, I wish to express my opinion that, the international crime of settler-colonialism remains the root-cause of the Europe’s major problems thus, the Europeans should consider that nothing else matters more than restoring freedom within the European Continent.

Christos Boumpoulis
Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Δευτέρα, 06 Απρίλιος 2020 11:58