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Τρίτη, 17 Μάρτιος 2020 02:06

Chapter 6 Soviet Psychiatry





Legal Notice 145

Today, on March 16th, 2020, at around 12:00, I was standing on a public place at Otto-Suhr-Allee, Berlin, Germany.
An unknown to me individual approached me while keeping at his ear a mobile smart phone.
He was speaking at a low volume though I could recognize that he was speaking the Greek language.
At that time I noticed that, the display of his smart phone was light something which designated that he was actually pretending that he was having a phone conversation.
While he had approached me considerably I got the impression that he was harassing me, probably in order to provoke a negative reaction, on my behalf.
His demeanor was referring to, a so-called “psychiatrist”, with probability not less than 90%, and to a medicated with long-acting opiates like SSRI antidepressants, with probability not less than 70%.
In the hypothetical case that, a trustworthy individual might had claimed to me that, the above mentioned harasser was a, supposed, Greek traitor which he was commissioned by the Greek dictatorial regime for framing me, then, I may had been quite easily convinced.
Concluding, I wish to respectfully express my disappointment towards the German government for the following reason:

- Due to the Greek law professor’s George Kasimatis public revelations, there is no doubt at all as to the fact that, a dictatorship rules Greece. The former Prime Minister Mr. Alexis Tsipras denounced, by the most formal way, within the Greek Parliament, the current Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, that he is being regularly paid by black-money. Almost all of the current members of the Greek Parliament along with the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, they have overtly committed, on June 2010, the high treason of not terminating the “Huge Cooper & Co” treaty thus bearing legal liability for the death of more than 10,000 innocent Greek civilians and the multi-dimensional destruction of Greece. Also, a part of Greece’s “businessmen” have perpetrated multiple and severe crimes against the Greek State, like making public infrastructures that costed multiple times comparatively to the same infrastructures in other European States, and they also committed the high treason of relying on the support of foreign governments in order to dominate the Greece’s economic and political systems. For some of these “businessmen”, which they are, actually, foreign governments’ “puppets”, there are sufficient evidence which indicate that, they have instigate specific political assassinations of innocent Greek citizens and that, they may execute death-contracts, on behalf of these foreign governments, against Greek political dissidents which have fled from Greece.
- The Greek dictatorial regime has perpetrated crimes related to child organs smuggling. These crimes have been publicized in the Internet.
- The Greek dictatorial regime knows very well, because it has already expelled Russian diplomats for this reason, the fact that, Russia has perpetrated a hybrid invasion at the Evros prefecture and that the local population suffers from the Russian criminality which is being manifested with the form of an induced “cancer” “epidemic”. However, it neglects to rescue the local population.
- The Greek dictatorial regime knows very well that, both, a part of the Greek supermarkets, as well as, the so-called “psychiatric” domain, they perpetrate genocides against the Greek Nation. However, it neglects to rescue to Greek population.
- The Greek dictatorial regime has assassinated almost all the Greek natural leadership’s members, including, archbishop Christodoulos, Neoklis Sarris, Sarantos Kargakos, Giannos Kranidiotis, Tassos Papadopoulos, Panagiotis Kondylis, Arleta, Malvina Karali, and many others.
- The United Kingdom, according to undeniable, Historical and contemporary, public evidence, keeps Greece, since the end of WW2, settler-colonized; while, the U.S.A., the Russian Federation, the Israel and the Turkey, they complicit this settler-colonization.
- The U.S.A. controls the NATOic secret army Gladio while neither, ever stopped perpetrating the notorious “Operation Condor”, nor, ever manifested active remorse for their innumerable past assassination of innocent political dissident, all over the world.
- On May 2014, I visited the German BND and I submitted copies of original formal document which they were undeniable proofs of the fact that, on April 2014 the Greek dictatorial regime attempted to politically persecute me.
- According to the May 29th, 1949 the signatory parties, the British, the Americans and the French, they control, directly the Germany’s telecommunication and indirectly the telecommunication of the rest of the European Union. And according the the whistle blower Edward Snowden, the British and the Americans, they actually perpetrate all kinds of crimes, related to the Europe’s telecommunications in order to perpetrate, in a plausibly deniable manner, the destruction of each and every political dissident which resists, like myself, the settler-colonization of his fatherland. This, practically, mean that, for me, as well as, for all the anti-colonialism political dissidents it remains impossible to find a professional job on our own because our telecommunication are being blocked by the British/American.
- Since my country, Greece, is being ruled by a dictatorship, since I have been politically persecuted there, and since, almost all the Greek political dissidents they have been assassinated, then, according to the international law, I am entitled to be granted, from the German government, a political asylum in order, to be able to physically survive, to be able to escape the pan-European criminality of the Gladio secret Army, and in order to be able, as much as I can, to help my fellow Greek citizens, to survive and to become liberated. The same legal right, the German government have already, actively recognized to political refuges from Africa and Syria.
- The current corona-virus outbreak, unavoidably, makes the legitimate political dissidents, which suffer, due to gang-stalking, an induced “homelessness”, vulnerable to criminal framing; to criminal slandering; and to unjust persecution.

A Clockwork Orange (1975) Official Trailer - Stanley Kubrick Movie


CIA Assassinations, Conspiracies and Cover-ups: How the Elite Control Politics



Despite the above facts, the German government denied, repetitively, to offer me a political asylum, or any other kind of sufficient for my personal survivor benefit, and deliberately, since 2014 left me exposed to the U2RIT’s criminal activities.

Therefore, I feel as being entitled to ask, is the German government selling me out to the contemporary settler-colonizers?
In case that the answer, sadly, is yes, then, I ask, whatever benefit towards the German government, this selling me out to the colonizers, might offer, is it worthy, for an indefinite time in the future, the German Nation to carry my name by a negative manner?
And in case that the answer, happily, is no, then, my recent request which I sent towards the German government describes the practical measures by which, me as a legitimate political refuge, I could survive.
Concluding, I wish to express my conviction that, in case the current European leadership choose to act in a way that shall promote “pandemics” as an effective way for the contemporary settler-colonizers to enforce obedience with their colonies, then, I regret to say that, the European leadership, by this choice shall partially instigate the outbreak of all the next “pandemics” which shall inevitable follow due to this promotion.

Christos Boumpoulis

P.S.: It is impossible for any cornered, legitimate citizen, like myself, to defeat the asymmetric crime of gang-stalking. The duty of the States, of the Governments and of the Security Authorities is to protect the relatively weak citizens from the abuse of the enormous power of the mighty, contemporary settler-colonizers. Persecuting innocent citizens because of the State's negligence to apply the international law, is immoral, unfair and dishonest. The existing knowledge about the crime of gang-stalking is so accurate and so widespread that, the States, the Governments and the Security Authorities, they have no excuse for not rescuing the legitimate citizens from this monstrosity. While a European State, namely Greece suffers such an extreme, deadly and unprovoked violation of hers National Sovereignty and such a brutal, hybrid invasion within its territory, if any other country sells-out to the U2RIT Greek political dissidents which they may have resorted to their territory, then, History may promote that country as a, not necessarily positive, example for all the others to use as a reference point.


Putin’s Spy Games, Suspicious “Suicides,” and Creative Murders



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