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Open Letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel 10-03-2020 PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Τετάρτη, 11 Μάρτιος 2020 04:28

Angela Merkel


Open Letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel 10-03-2020


Your Excellency Dr Angela Merkel,

When, the lives of innocent civilians are actually being threatened by the enforcement of genocidal policies, then, too frequent addressing of Open Letters could, probably, be excused.

Excessive and undeniable evidence and named and reliable testimonies, which they have been publicized over the Internet they have, definitely, made, the European citizens aware of the following, present, real, vital and crucial issues:


- European citizens, myself including, we are being, arbitrarily, uncontrollably and massively, brain implanted with claustrum/remote_neural_monitoring electronic implants. These citizens we have been turned to “push-button” people and we suffer the worst kind of slavery, ever. Though being “plausibly-deniable”, for obvious reasons and in most of the cases, the violations of our human-rights, through the abuse of these implants, they are horrendous and monstrous; even in a cafeteria or in a public street, the criminal handlers of these unconventional weapons of mass-destruction they can stop and after a while seamlessly restart our brain with no comprehension at all, of this violation, on ours behalf.

- Many European citizens, myself including, we are being, arbitrarily and uncontrollably, turned to human “guinea-pigs” in order for the U2RIT to develop new unconventional and mass-destruction weapons, including, mind-control weapons, directed-energy (microwave/laser) weapons and new medical-protocols and new medicines. Some of these citizens they have even observed, due to an involuntary cancer experimentation, their own skin to melt and to become a kind of jell.

- Many European citizens, myself including, we are being politically persecuted by arbitrarily being subjected to the death-program of gang-stalking.

- Many European citizens, including the Greeks, we suffer a genocide. Some of our supermarket are selling poisoned, food and beverages, our water is fluoridated, the foundations of our State; our culture; our economy; our National symbols, etc. are being instrumentally adulterated and conditions calculated to bring about the death of the Greek citizens are being imposed on the Greek population.

- A dictatorship has been imposed on the Greek Nation by the U2RIT. Consequently, the political elections’ results, for the past many decades, are being calculated and then verified, by a specific private company; which is something inconceivable even for the political regime of Josef Stalin during the Soviet era. Also, the State’s judicial and penal files’ inspection by the corresponding citizens is forbidden by law. And even worst, the so-called “psychiatric” sector of the medical domain remains above the Greek and the international laws as having become instrumental for the Greek citizens repression. Despite all this political abnormality, prominent European political personalities they do not hesitate to provide legitimisation to members of the Greek dictatorial regime. And at the same time, most E.U.’s member-States they deny, towards existing, legitimate Greek political refuges, their legal right to a political-asylum, their legal right to be protected from the organised criminality of the U2RIT (operation “Condor”, gang-stalking, directed-energy weapons, street-theatre, ) thus, they keep them even homeless, at the streets.

- A hybrid invasion has been perpetrated at the Thrace region, at northern Greece by the joint Russian/British military forces. At that geographical region, biological weapons (“cancer”) cause the death of a large part of the domestic population. Certain prominent elected officials remain overtly supervised by Russian officials. Russia exercises de facto sovereignty there.

- As far as the Greek Nation is concerned, any expression of patriotism is overtly persecuted while, covertly, it is punishable by death (“cancer”, “stroke”, “heart-attacks”, “accidents”, etc.). Consequently, most of Greece’s natural leadership’s members have been murdered (e.g. Giannos Kranidiotis, arch. Christodoulos, Tassos Papadopoulos, Sarantos Kargakos, Neoklis Saris, Malvina Karali, Arleta, etc.).

- The NATOic secret army and terrorist organization named Gladio continues its criminal operation within Europe. European whistle-blowers, myself including, which they have disclosed incriminating, the Gladio, information towards the European security authorities, they regularly receive death threats while the security authorities seem to neglect doing their related duty to persecute this criminal organisation. Consequently, organized criminal operations they cause a significant number of casualties, over the European soil, while, according to my opinion, these criminal operations they should be, profoundly, attributed to Gladio.

- The European citizens know very well what settler-colonialism is. Consequently, they do comprehend that, the most part of the European Continent is being criminally settler-colonised by the U2RIT. And they do know that, the settler-colonialism, by definition, is being perpetrated through genocidal-policies which directly, either, threaten these citizens’ biological existence, or, they threaten to degrade these citizens to mere “organic portals”. Simultaneously, the U.S. licenced media, they propagate publicly instrumental hatred against the Jews and the Turks and they slander as alleged “propagation of hatred” every denunciation against the Europe’s settler-colonisation. And the European, security authorities and armed forces, they do nothing to protect Europe from the international crime of settler-colonialism.

- The U2RIT’s member-States they fail to comprehend the extent of their own moral capital’s destruction due to their perpetual settler-colonialism against the other Nations and they remain, seemingly, disassociated with reality; and they appear to compete, with the excellent and late, Greek soap-operas producer, Nikos Foskolos, in producing large scale instrumental “dramas” in order to cover-up what has become impossible to become covered-up, namely, the U2RIT’s settler-colonialism.

- Within Europe there seem to be no provision, at all, against manifestations of criminal entryism related to sensitive and vital domains of the society like, the pharmaceutical/medical, food/beverages, banking, politics, education, judicial, etc. Consequently, even members of professional and serial genocidal Nations may own and/or control, pharmaceutical industries over European soil.

- The European citizens have become observers of the same social phenomenon, as the middle East Arabs did in the past. Before the formal establishment of the State of Israel, the Arabs observed their cities, gradually, to become quasi “flooded” with settlers currying with them sovereignty claims originating three thousands years ago; and then, the State of Israel “emerged”. The same sequence of events manifested and in most of the past incidents of settler-colonialism. Therefore, these citizens believe that what is happening in Europe is nothing else but a mere settler-colonialism.

- The European citizens they do know History. This means that, they do know that the U2RIT’s member-States are professional, serial and remorseless settler-colonisers, meaning genociders. Also, they do know that, these member-States are characterized by a systemic lacking of Empathy. And finally, they do know towards which monstrosities, the U2RIT’s lacking of Empathy, is able to lead to.


Not all the European citizens possess the German soldiers’ heroism.

Not all the European citizens possess the Luftwaffe fighter pilot Franz Stigler’s moral strength.

Not all the European citizens possess the former GDR’s political dissidents’ patriotism.

Not all the European citizens possess the German singers’ courage.


By the present and combined, collective influence of, a justified fear of death; unconventional weapons of mass destruction (e.g. mind-control); genocidal-policies (e.g. unemployment, hunger, insecurity, political-repression, induced-illnesses, gang-stalking, etc.), it is possible that, the European citizens’ personal, moral foundations they may collapse.

And as taken for granted, there are two kind of moral collapse: the one which results adulterations within the material world; and the other which results lacking, of empathy; of kindness; of excellence; of honesty.

For the above reasons, the European Continent’s population is being threatened with a slow extinction. Therefore, your creative and immediate intervention is needed.


- The European population should become equipped with adequate, material and systemic, means of self-protection, at once.

- The European population’s human-rights and National Sovereignty should be restored, at once.

- The European population should enjoy the self-protection of the rule of law.

- The European population should enjoy the self-protection of the true Democracy.

- The European population should be self-protected by a reliable pharmaceutical/medical and judicial domains.

- In the European Continent, innocence should be protected.


And instead,


- If, the European citizens, for any reason, they can not rely upon their own leadership, they should be informed accordingly, at once.


Personally, I see each year, many hundred of thousands of innocent Europeans, which I consider them as being my close relatives, to needlessly die. I see many hundreds of thousand European ladies, which I consider them as being my sisters, to live the kind of lives that the U2RIT, traditionally, intends to impose over the female part of the settler-colonised by them, Nations.

It seems that, there is not too much time for your Excellency to undertake creative action. Innocent people die needlessly every day; and entire European Nations they are being threatened by a biological or through transhumanisation, extinction.



Christos Boumpoulis



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Note: The photo was found at, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Merkel


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